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  1. The p500 doesn't have spikes on the back it has 4 rubber pads. I've had it for a few years now and well happy with it.
  2. I used to work for someone who had a heavy duty chain welded to the draw bar on the chipper and then a padlock on the other end which was obviously locked to the van on the tow bar. It was just the right length long enough so it could be locked on full time whilst towing and had enough slack for turning and reversing it at tight angles.
  3. People always repeat that he's racist but can't say I've heard anything he's said as being racist to be honest. Happy to be proved wrong though
  4. Ollie Berti 07766044989 probably worth a ring should think he'll help you.
  5. Belts are tight, sharp blades anvils just been turned. I did look at the gap between the sensor and wheel and it looked pretty tight anyway could be a tiny amount closer maybe. I took it back in this morning so hopefully he will find out. Thanks again
  6. Checked the belt tension they've tightened them up, they were looser when I took it in. Is it the sensor by the belts on the wheel that's like a cog? Sorry for not knowing the correct terms for these things. I did look at that but can't see how it could be changed. Thanks of the reply
  7. Hi, Just got my 125 back from having the bearings replaced and now when chipping the stress system kicks in on stuff 1 inch thick when the engine barely drops any revs. Rang the shop up today they said to bring it back in to look at but just wondered if anyone had experience of this and could help? Just a bit of a mission to take it back to be honest. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  8. Thanks Mick I'll do that tomorrow. been using it today and not a squeak out of it but can't believe it would just "fix itself ". Will take the belts off and try that before I use it tomorrow. Thanks again
  9. Thanks I checked the belts as I was hopeful that was the issue but they are fine. Think in the video you can't quite hear the worst noises only the screech that sound like belts. Cheers
  10. Hi, Bought a new to me but second hand 125 about a year ago and it's just started making horrible screeching and scratching noises like there is metal stuck on the fly wheel but only at low revs. Now my common sense is telling me it's probably the bearings gone but it's only a 2016 machine with 240 hours on the clock ( had 70 hours on it when i bought it a year ago). And I change the blades very regularly before they are blunt when they're only dull I would say. My previous 125 I had from similarly new and put 1000 hours on it with no problems from the bearings. So heres a video of the worst it sounded but after this video we started, chipped and run down with no noise what so ever. It is rather inconsistent. Any ideas much appreciated Thanks Video.MOV
  11. Nice one Gimlet some very useful advice there thanks. Yeah they are Hazel, I found a chap not too far about 15 miles way who works a coppice and was really helpful. Yes used a hedge cutter for a bit of tidying the hedge but mostly with loppers cutting off the wayward bits that I couldn't weave back in.
  12. Thanks! Yeah I was really happy with it. Although I think the crap camera probably makes it look better. I'll try and take a photo with a better camera. Used chainsaw and axe. Most of the work with the chainsaw then finish it off with the axe. A lot of the trees were around 8-10 inches so would be hard going with just an axe. Also struggled to get a nice straight line with the stakes and binders because the wood was so big it made it hard to thread them through the hedge.
  13. Sorry the photos are a bit crap my camera is not the best.
  14. Thought I'd just update we did the hedge. I don't think it looks too bad I know the professional hedge layers will think differently but customer was happy. Really enjoyed doing it and leaving something looking pretty smart at the end.
  15. Hi, Does anyone know or point me in the right direction in where to find some? Hertfordshire area but will travel further as I'm assuming i may have to. Thanks


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