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    Timberwolf 125 2015 model 532 hours on the clock but still rising as in daily use Had a full service at 524 hours oil, air and fuel filters all changed and new spark plugs. Has had oil changed every 50 hours all filters new every 100 hours Comes with 4 sets of spare blades. Always dry stored although has usual scuffs and scratches you would expect and bits of flaky paint Only selling as I have new chipper coming to replace it next month. This is not available until July as that is when the replacement arrives so it's in daily use till then. £7500


    , Hertfordshire - GB

  2. Not seen any Willow like that but have taken down 2 Birches probably similar age this spring that have done exactly the same thing leaves just about emerge then died. Also saw a ornamental Cherry last week that appears to have done the same. I assumed it may be something to do with the particularly dry April and persistent frosts into May although doesn't make sense for your Willow by the pond.
  3. Duncan.


    That's how Paddy would normally start a war.
  4. I'm probably being pedantic but the UK is out of the EU not Europe. It might seem a trivial point to some but it is not. One is geographical the other political. Even my girlfriend who voted remain and works in clinical trials with EU countries gets wound up by this.
  5. Also it didn't work as the tongues don't bend that far.
  6. Thanks for letting me know! I have informed Haix that you are a double agent and they have let me off! Heil Haix!
  7. Thanks for that. Think that's a good plan. Although knowing my luck they'll probably read this!
  8. Hi everyone, I bought a pair haix protector ultra at the end of January and the sole has started to come off from the toe already. So I contacted the supplier and they were quite helpful and have organised a replacement pair to be sent out for free but they want me to take a picture of the boots after I have cut the tongue out of the old pair. Has anyone been asked to do this before? It seems a terrible waste of the old boots as I should think there is a couple months left in them before they see the bin. Thanks
  9. Timberwolf 160 is £11250 + VAT or you can buy my 2015 125 with 550 hours on for £10k and I'll go buy one.
  10. TPO not pto Surgeon not sergeon Calm not carm
  11. Literally made me laugh out loud
  12. It doesn't drop below 12v after running all day but after a couple weeks of starts it starts to drop. Noticed today the hour clock isn't functioning correctly as it reads 888.8 rather than the 400 odd hours it's actually done.
  13. Thanks for that maybe I need to investigate further or what I'll probably end up doing is taking to someone who knows what they're looking for. Thanks again
  14. Hi there, I have a 2016 Timberwolf 125 which only has 420 hours on it but for the last few months the battery has been losing charge. I've been recharging the battery every few weeks but finally got round to testing it. The battery has a charge of 12.8v and doesn't go up to 14 or more when running so i checked the alternator and that was the same. Would that mean the alternator is not working? Has anyone had this problem before and if so any remedy other than buying a new alternator as it's nearly £200 and seems far too new to have this problem really. Any help appreciated. Thanks Duncan


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