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  1. Okay, You can contact me on here or via email, (neilthomas@email.com), I check both fairly regularly. Cheers
  2. I emailed a few days ago, still no response lol
  3. Hi guys, I've just got back to the U.K after working for Damian out in Austria. I can tell you I really didn't want to leave but I start Uni next week so I had no choice really as I'm moving into a different profession lol. If any decent climbers who are up to a good standard and can do real tree work are thinking about going over I wouldn't hesitate to recommend working for Damo. He's one of the good guys, he'll look after you well and will sort everything out for you, e,g accommodation, working documents, Austrian bank accounts. Trust me it really helps to have that help when moving to a foreign country. The work is good, you will get to climb some massive trees and do real tree work for clients who actually appreciate what you've done. You will have a boss who actually has many years experience as a climber and he wouldn't put you in danger and wouldn't expect you to do something he couldn't do himself. He'll also buy you the odd beer or two after a hard day lol, can't be bad! On top of all this Vienna is a fantastic place to be, public transport is ace and easy to learn your way around, most of the younger generation speak fluent English, so making friends is easy. Its by far the safest city I've ever been too as well. There's plenty of decent clubbing, bars restaurants, and you've got the rest of Europe on your doorstep too if you want to travel. Not forgetting the stunning scenery and mountains Austria has to offer, all within easy travelling distance on the train! To be honest I must have been mad coming back lol, any who, I hope this will help you make up your mind if you are still undecided, Cheers, Neil
  4. Hi guys, as the title says, I've got 3 spare days starting tomorrow 6th of June, if anyone needs an extra man. Could also run into next week. Can travel anywhere in Northwest, have own climbing kit, can provide references and all relevant tickets etc. 07525 536476. Cheers, Neil
  5. Hi mate, its swinging Neil. Ive got new profile, TreeStig.

  6. New profile mate, I've been re-commissioned as La TreeStig


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