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  1. I have a 161t and its barely done any work at all and stopped oiling completely! took it apart and saw the floppy black band hanging off This has just happened to mine, had it just over a month, most of that time it wasnt being used as was christmas, what im worried about is that it is just going to happend again in a few days time when repaired under warranty!
  2. Thankyou for your response Chris, much appreciate your time. No merip on it this year but will keep eye out for kretz. Im leaning towards doing a 10% thin as that is just what the customer has asked but I deep down think would benefit from suitably qualified and experienced surveyor on site... which I am not!
  3. Thankyou all for suggestions. I do like the suggestion of reducing by a couple of metres the top left and bottom left, I think also a bit of a thin in these areas plus the top would be beneficial to the look and this is at the end of the day part of the spec to get it to 'look' more safe for customer. The right hand side of the tree gets the brunt of the SW winds so that would explain why the left hand side has bigger branches as have not had the wind on them. A similar size beech in the row blew over a month ago as it had meripilus but this one did not have any fungus in late summer(i did warn but no action was taken). Customer is just super weary and wants to do something to reduce risk on this beech. I am totally up for leaving crossing branches especially when fused as they do in beech. No survey done, just head gardeners plan. If i thin 10% of foliage off in areas where it is dense and reduce by 2 metres top left area would this be a compromise?
  4. I have been asked by client to crown thin a large beech to reduce wind sail and likelihood of failure. I am aiming to go through the tree one large branch at a time and take around 10-15% of weight off overall branch weight with aim of creating an evenly thinned tree. I will prioritise taking out branches that are damaged, have v shaped unions or just appear in high density with neighbouring branches trying not to take anything out larger than around 4 inches in diameter. The outside shape of the tree is to stay same of course. How does this sound for a spec of a crown thin and will it give desired outcome of reducing wind sail?
  5. Lot of time involved dragging it out, even more if your loading a trailer and doing several tip runs which is a pig of a thing as there is always shit loads more brash in a leylandi than u think. plus then you got to log everything into 8 inch pieces. You aint gona do that in a day with just 2 people, thats a 3 person job for a day with a chipper and tipper and without one youd need an extra person so 4 people... and for £400 you arent making anything, id start at double that if your taking brash to tip or 650 if youve got a chipper
  6. SOLVED! fitted a new stress/speed control unit and is chipping great again! The blinking light is back on when key is turned to on position and rollers are behaving exactly the way they should! Many thanks to all the helpful comments from everyone! Now time to get back out in the rain and chip some more! Does anyone have any experience fixing the broken stress control units?
  7. Could the fuse getting blown and the forward rollers needing to be held in to work be due to the stress control unit malfunctioning? How much is one of these? Some more info: When i bypass the stress control unit by plugging together the brown and black wires i still get no joy with the forward roller. There is also no red light on by the stress control unit which there used to be but is no more. Thanks!
  8. yep! The forward roller only goes when i push and hold in the forward button and so forward roller stops when i let go. Everythin else is working as should at the mo but there were lots of weird happening in the day with the rollers such as stuck on forward and none of the stop buttons working for a small time! pretty dangerous so had to stop there!
  9. contact cleaner on switches and relay, then air blow it off, then put wd40 on?
  10. Thankyou yes i did, i have just loosened wires on switches and sprayed loads of wd40 in them and took out the relays and sprayed wd40 where they plug in as it looked pretty gummy and hey presto chipper is working! i think maybe the relays are a bit old maybe.. but its working again! for now anyway!
  11. https://1q5auwbo7tp2xtazj39ermi1-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Timberwolf-TW-125PH-Wood-Chipper-Instruction-Manual.pdf circuit diagram on page 27
  12. The fuse is on the ignition box of the petrol honda engine, not on the timberwolf part of the chipper. I cannot find a fuse anywhere on the timberwolf
  13. Why would anyone else other than scots be entitled to vote in a scottish indy ref?? Cannot understand why any english, welsh or n. irish or other eu would be valid to have a say.
  14. The white plastic screw bit do you mean? It all screws together watertight but they keep on failing for some reason i do not know. I cannot see what it is actually in the switch that stop its working, but i replace with a new one and it works again miraculously, for a short time at least then rollers stop feeding in by them selves. Then i have to press and hold down the green feed in button to get rollers to feed in but then this evtually stops working also. pretty annoying! What can go wrong apart from moisture getting in, are there any visible signs of damage when the switched go wrong?
  15. Yes would think the 25a fuse would go on the engine. The last switch lasted less than 20 hours use so doubt that moisture could build up, my chipper is stored in nice dry garage
  16. Yes it is this that has failed 3 times this year with increasing frequency, this last switch lasted maybe 20 hours use.
  17. Lol sorry, the fuse blown for the first time today
  18. Yes, 3 switches this year going on the stop bar, the most recent today with the fuse going at the same time
  19. Of course it should only include people living in scotland! how would you feel if people who live in france voted in the uk general election?!
  20. The fuse has just gone once but it has coincided with the stop bar switch malfunctioning and not working after putting new fuse in. 2nd time in a month the stop bar switch has gone and 3rd time this year. This seems a bit high, could there be a reason it keeps dying such as a short cicuit nearby?
  21. Hi, the stop bar switch has gone on my tw125 but i only replaced it about a month ago and before that i replaced it in April this year. The 25amp fuse went in the ignition box at the same time as the stop bar switch stopped working if this is a clue as to what is the issue? Any help? I cant be arsed to keep buying a new switch for every week!


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