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  1. Thanks Julian. I'll go back in a few weeks and have another look once it's grown.
  2. Any ideas of what this might be? Seen at the base of a Whitebeam in Edinburgh, late August.
  3. Tatsuo

    Axe Throwing

    I am looking for someone to run an axe throwing event for a Scottish Arb Day which is planned for 27th August 2016. We will have a climbing demo and hopefully a fun climbing competition. More on this later. The location will most likely be between Abington (on the M74) and Lanark. We are trying to make it a free event but have some funds to pay if necessary. We will hopefully be having a social event after involving the usual fire, food and drinking, with people camping on site. I know there was a group in Dumfries who did this, but I cannot find any sign of them on the web. I'd be open to alternative suggestions for something similar. Any help much appreciated!
  4. This impact driver has big torque: 155 Nm. I consider this is pretty essential when dealing with the compression and tension forces through the tree. The 'impact' system only comes into play when the driver detects that larger forces are necessary. I have yet to try this new driver on a live tree, but will post results. -------------------- http://www.arborvitaepeo.co.uk
  5. Thanks guys for all your very helpful advice. I have now had a 12mm fluted drill bit welded to a 1 metre 10mm rod, with the 1/4" hex shank to fit on my impact driver. All I need to do now is get back up that tree and start drilling! Photos attached...
  6. Thanks for your help The stem has failed from a compression fork high up, and the split has continued 3 metres down the length of the stem. I was using a 10mm spade bit - obviously a bad call there! The fluted bit sounds like the job...where do you get these from? I will need to drill about 1 metre through two parts of the stem. I was going to use 10mm rods, but I am sensing I will need a larger hole for this? Thought I might get away with tapping it through?
  7. A Monterey Cypress has one leader that has split axially. I have ratchet-strapped the branch so it will not fail further. The client wants to retain the tree: we reduced the crown and I started to drill a hole for a threaded rod, but got no further than 50mm before my 10mm flat wood drill got stuck. I was using a De Walt 18volt impact driver. Does anyone know how to drill a tree without getting bits stuck? SDS drill? Stihl Wood Drill? What drill bits to use? I know a Stihl wood drill is used in the States, but I have no idea where to hire one here. The length of drill required is around 1 metre. Any help appreciated!
  8. Has anyone actually purchased or used one of the new 201s then? My old 200 is feeling its age and need to know whether to go for new or retro!
  9. The latest on the first Climb a Mile event from Paul Hanson (Arboriculture Association Scottish Branch Chairman): "Dear all, Climbamile will begin at 09.00hrs on Saturday 18th June and run until we have reached 1600 metres or are simply too tired to go on! Free parking is available at the Sawmill car park adjacent to the A93 between the Scone Pinetum and the old Scone sawmill. Climbers will need to bring LOLER compliant climbing harnesses and their preferred friction hitches, a helmet with chin strap and any other personal kit normally used for tree climbing. A climbing system and safety belay will be installed for the duration of the event which all participants will be required to use. For insurance purposes there will be no exceptions! The tree we are climbing is in a grove of Douglas fir just south and west of the Pinetum proper, an AA banner and display tent will be close by. You will be required to complete a disclaimer on the day, again for insurance purposes. As this is a fund raising event for H4H please do what you can to secure sponsorship, T-shirts will be able at cost (£7.50 min) for those participating in the event (in any capacity) T-shirts are available at £15.00 for everyone else. I look forward to seeing you at some point over the weekend, many thanks in advance for all your support - I believe it is worth it! If you have any questions, please call or email me. Best regards, Paul Hanson"
  10. The official Climb a Mile website is up and running - donations can be made here: Climb a Mile!
  11. P.S. Spandex is banned due to health and safety reasons as it may render other participants physically unwell.
  12. Thanks for the interest guys. Will, anyone can climb if they are competent (i.e. have a relevant certificate). Tom, you can climb as few or as many times as you like - obviously the more times the better, if we are to reach a vertical mile. I have had to amend the disclaimer form as it had some errors - the new one is attached: CAM form pdf.pdf There is some more information about the event here: Help for heroes information June 2011.pdf We will be climbing a 25-30 metre route up one of the Douglas Firs. Don't eat too many pies before climbing! Please spread the word - it promises to be a great social occasion as well as raising funds for a worthy charity.
  13. In celebration of the International Year of Forests, 2011, the Arboricultural Association Scottish Branch and Forestry Commission Scotland are working together in aid of a new charity fund-raising event: Climb a Mile. This will involve a team of professional arborists climbing a tree in relay to achieve a total height equal to or greater than one mile. This will be held in the stunning grounds of Scone Palace. Participants will be climbing one of the magnificent specimen trees in the arboretum. This will be held on the 18th and 19th of June. Participants will be expected to raise sponsorship money to be given in entirety to the Help for Heroes charity. We need as many climbers as possible to help us achieve the one mile goal, and to raise as much money for Help the Heroes as possible. This will be a great day - one not to be missed or forgotten! PDFs of the sponsorship form and Disclaimer form are attached below, or can be downloaded from here: Scottish - SC Branch - - Arboricultural Association. CAM Disclaimer pdf.pdf CAM sponsor sheet pdf.pdf Scone Palace News


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