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  1. Very interesting thread.. I've been lucky, fairly new to the industry (just under two years) and have consistently worked for very good, honest and straight up guys - most of the time. When I have done work for people who have turned out to be cowboys (only once or twice) I've simply said that I'm not available any more as soon as it became apparent. I try to be as pro as possible re: showing tickets at the start and delivering full invoices promptly, but you learn on the job what is right and what is not. I like the idea of asking to see your employers certs and insurance when you show yours, I've not thought to do so in the past but will in future. Also, I think agreeing payment terms before the job starts is essential, I would be worried if that wasn't discussed, and if I wasn't asked for proof of my tickets etc. Like I say, good thread...
  2. BarneyH

    Aviemore area

    So, I'm planning a move from Glasgow up north to get a place with my girlfriend, who has recently got a job in Kincraig. I'll be heading up in late March/early April. I have CS30 and 31 and have been consistently self employed since the start of 2011. I don't drive yet but will be by the time I move. So I'm putting out feelers for work up the road. Please let me know if you're operating nearby, what the prospects are for work in the area and if you think you might need a hand. Just trying to build up a picture of the situation. Thanks
  3. £200 does seem a lot for a helmet but for sure it seems like it would be very very comfortable... I like the idea of not getting caught up in twigs and stuff as much, more streamlined... good if you were working a lot in really extreme conditions but hey, as the man said, vertex works just fine at less than half the price. And for my part, I like the garish colours! Hi-vis out yer nut!
  4. Were these two tickets merged recently? What about windblow tickets? Heard a rumour that medium/large and windblow can only be got as a set now, but havent heard anything concrete? Anybody know? Maybe done these tickets recently? If so, how were they? Good fun?
  5. Cheers guys, was wondering because there's interest in running a demo day in Kintyre as part of a project to get farmers and landowners utilising their woodland. BHL don't seenm to have anybody registered in the area... Born2trot, you don't remember the Inverary operator's name by any chance? What about you? You say you still do a bit? And yeah, Buffalo606, that would be great if you could send me details of this borders based group.. no idea if anything will come of it as yet, just putting out the feelers...
  6. Any horse loggers operating in Scotland then? Specifically in Argyll? I'd be interested to hear from you...
  7. Well done Ian, that's the way to do it! Waiting until the end of the month then I can do the same. Driving in the new year! Just need to think about buying a car, tax, insurance, MOT, fuel...
  8. You should get on to Tom D's work that he's advertising on this board... You'd have to travel but sounds like it would be worth it... http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/employment/50537-rescue-climber-ground-worker.html
  9. I don't climb or drive yet but I know one who fits your bill and may be up for it. I'll give him a shout. And yeah David, why no one wanting in on this? Two months work in a lovely bit of the world.... hmmm....
  10. Ian, I know how you feel, though I'm lucky enough to be working at the moment it definitely comes and goes... Well done for getting a start with "Tree Wise Men"! What a cracking name . I don't have a license to drive yet either, can't help but feel that it is a major stumbling block. Wanting to do CS 38 and 39 same as you but what use is it to me if I can't put a saw and climbing gear in the back of a van? I'd recommend getting the driving in asap, being able to say "yes" when asked if you can get yourself to the middle of nowhere by 8.00 am... I can't wait! Your initial post is so cheery, you made me smile ... Also, Silky Fox, I love your picture! Hi-Vis out yer nut! Thats the way to do it...
  11. "fully qualified" exactly what qualifications do you require for groundies?
  12. Swampster, I couldn't agree more. The attitude that you've described is the one I've worked hard to maintain over my first year subbying, and it's worked out well. Maybe the lesson for us rookies is that if you concentrate on keeping the right attitude the money will follow of its own accord. You're not based in west central Scotland by any chance...?
  13. Geoff, what happened then? Have you had your days? How did they go?
  14. So, in conclusion he should be looking to earn between £60 and £80 as a respectable starting wage, while not being pushy and losing work, neither should he work for much less because that devalues the industry? An interesting debate, and one which needs to be had IMO.


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