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  1. Hi, I can't help you with the make but we manufacture baffle plates and can cut bricks, both 25mm and 30mm, to your required sizes and angles. A pattern would be really helpful. Let us know if we can be of any help. Ash1 All things Morso and Clearview. www.morsoheaven.co.uk
  2. Still burning here but we are up on the moor (Cornwall). Ash1 All things Morso and Clearview. www.morsoheaven.co.uk
  3. We are paying £55 per ton for Oak delivered in Cornwall. Ash1 All things Morso and Clearview. www.morsoheaven.co.uk
  4. Good Morning Frammo Graham only registered with Arbtalk to try and obtain a baffle plate and as he has successfully had one manufactured by myself, he hasn't been back to the site since. It's not as simple as it may initially seem, as the original Morso Lion baffle plate is made of cast iron and has intricate curves/semi circles, which would be very time consuming to make out of steel and therefore not cost effective for the end user. Also I have never seen one that isn't warped and distorted, so what I did is started from scratch and made the baffle plate and bricks similar to the way in which Clearview do theirs. I hope this helps. Ash www.morsoheaven.co.uk
  5. Good Morning Htb The parts you require are still available from Morso, if you contact Alycidon, he will be able to help you out with this I am sure, as he is a Morso agent and has supplied me in the past. It is very difficult and expensive to cast new parts, as most people are unaware, you need a mold which is 2% larger than the item you require. If you just take a cast from a part, be it a back or a top, when it cools it will be too small. The only other alternative is to fabricate it from steel, which does have a small difference in expansion coefficient but I have had no problems with this in the past. I have even made a top for a Morso out of steel and we are still using the stove here after 9 years without issue. Ash www.morsoheaven.co.uk
  6. Hi Geoff The reason I replied to Graham was that we had an enquiry some weeks back, to fabricate a Morso Lion Baffle Plate and accompanying bricks. I now realise that it was Graham that we sold the kit to via eBay. We have consequently supplied a further four sets over the last few weeks. You can see what we produce on our website: www.morsoheaven.co.uk , you will also see a very nice testimonial on one of the kits that we sold. We also do full door refurbishments and at the present time, we overhaul approximately 100 Morso Squirrel doors a year. If I can help anyone else out, please get in touch. Ash
  7. Just wondered whether you got your Morso Lion baffle plate sorted?
  8. All in the title. PL15. You only have to read.
  9. Wanted around 18 ton of hard wood. Would consider arb waste. Cash waiting.
  10. Any of the above would be considered.
  11. Wanted. Unprocessed hard wood between Launceston and Bodmin, Cornwall. Thanks in advance.
  12. Without going into vast detail, I recently, personally, dressed the whole track , over a mile long, at my expense even though it should be shared by four users and was happy to undertake that to help my neighbors. The only area damaged, is the stretch accessed by forestry vehicles. I'll let you work it out.
  13. Personally I don't care what somebody does. But if I allow you to use track which is only used for ,say road vehicles and is in good condition and you leave large potholes and destroy land drainage with your tractor and trailer and then refuse to make good I tend to look at my options. Unfortunately some people do not know how to behave in a decent manner any more.
  14. No It means I have evidence of illegal practice should it go to court.


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