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  1. timber trailer wanted

    looking for a 6 to 8 ton timber trailer dont mind if it needs any work doing to it,wondered if any of you guys could help me out,,, i am based in lincs
  2. top seat brick crane

    thanks for the info on the hiab 0851 i will look out for that model looking on ebay but nothing that rocks my boat at the moment
  3. top seat brick crane

    hope one of you guys can help me out. looking for top seat crane for my timber trailer,there is one fitted on the trailer but it is old crane far to heavy for the trailer weighs about 2.5 to 3 ton and is going to the scrap yard i have a massey 3095 that i use with the trailer but wont use to drive crane,will use a p t o pump from harrier hydraulics..have looked on ebay cheers
  4. timber trailer wanted

    still looking for 8 to 10 ton timber trailer,brakes a must as needed for roadwork,have located a couple of trailers with dealers but vat kills it as i am not registered,,so cash waiting for the right deal
  5. wanted timber trailer with crane 8 to 10 ton

    3500 to 5000 pounds,,never thought about renting
  6. wanted timber trailer with crane 8 to 10 ton

    god loves a tryer
  7. wanted timber trailer with crane 8 to 10 ton

    Thank;s for that timbercutter i like the trailer but not the price
  8. wanted timber trailer with crane 8 to 10 ton

    Don;t want a cheapy i have been down that road before.yes something better as long as the trailer is worth the money,as far as travelling goes yes maybe i have the use of a low loader,but diesel is the key factor
  9. wanted timber trailer with crane 8 to 10 ton

    I have a ford 6610 plus a new holland 100 brake also have numerous tractors i can use
  10. wanted timber trailer with crane 8 to 10 ton

    I am glad somebody else has noticed whats on ebay thats why i am trying my luck on here
  11. hi folks can anybody help need road going trailer ie, brakes need to pick up my own cordwood, dont want to rely on haulage contractors.there is trailers on ebay but to expensive or to far or sold .i would be travelling 16 miles round trip and loading from hard standing based lincs


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