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  1. A lot of the stuff you're going to be going over is in The Body Language Of Trees - essential reading. You'll need to know your principal decay fungi, about 18 in total. Quick tip if you're not privy or a bit green as I was is developing a key for your wording in the assessment is a big deal. Make sure you go over the workbook and get your legal terms and legislation down. Enjoyable course, best of luck.
  2. For my probe I bought a drill head from Wilkos for something like £1.99. You can take a rubber mallet for about a fiver but I've been given a nylon one and after experiment and hearing the difference in resonance on the harder edge I highly recommend it one.
  3. Undertook my resit recently, nailed the fungi and the survey went well I feel. In hindsight, I think the resit was great, it really highlighted some areas/details where I came up short before.
  4. Lake

    Fungi Ident

    I didn't, just looked up the ident feature.
  5. Lake

    Fungi Ident

    Solid as a rock
  6. Came across this on a hornbeam earlier sitting between some spiralled ribs. Closest I can put to it is ganoderma applanatum but thought that the bulge on the underside was uncharacteristic, young sample mind. Suspected Kretzschmaria in bottom left too. On imgur for size
  7. Yeah did some of those posts from my iPhone.
  8. Thanks bud, yeah mine took 2 months to get. Mantra were very behind apparently.
  9. You're right mate, I don't think it could be saved. I did get the Latin names but I didn't number the trees. Again, I didn't get an appalling mark so we'll have to see how it goes in July when I take the re-sit.
  10. No, not sure whether to or not, but I also him remember saying things like, don't worry about the exact height of the tree, the tree numbers, he said he was really only concerned with our findings and our recommendations. I didn't number the trees as they appeared, just went with common names but to be honest I don't even think they had numbers on them. I guess I could speak to him about it, even if it doesn't improve my mark, the inconsistency between the two tutours and the emphasis placed on findings has left me a bit bummed. He also mentioned that I didn't bright to light the severity of the lean, which is fair enough.
  11. So I failed my PTI, came up with 50% on the questions which baffled me as I felt very confident answering them. I identified all of the defects on the trees, but lost mark for not recommending stump removal (we had had a different tutor the second day who specifically said if you don't want it removed, don't put it down), for not including a specific key (I went with S-M, and M) and not nothing wood pecker holes on a limb that was hazardous over a path. Fungi ident, I got 3/4. What bugs me is that we're given all these scenarios throughout the course, like "If an arborist was reading this would be able to interpret the recommendations", but on the survey side it was deemed "a customer may want advice on their stump". I find it hard to believe I got points marked down for that, especially with regard to what our stand-in tutour had said. Then, the contrast in levels of interpretations, who's reading it. I scored 58.5% so not really bad going but to only get 12 marks against 24 on the tree having picked up all defects, and to come out with 50% on the questions, I'm proper miffed. Am I right to be a bit bummed? I'm not allowed to see the questions I faulted on either.
  12. Bjerkandera was my first thought.
  13. Thinking exactly the same Jake! I won't be too gutted if it doesn't go my way, but there is an inkling that it will be significantly less difficult than I'm making it out to be. I will however be very happy if I pass. Only thing that concerns me is questions in the examination and being on top of my fungi idents.
  14. As far as I know only the fungi part is open book.
  15. Hey all, undertaking the PTI this week - quite nervous; I've been cracking the books and just wanted a bit of input! I've been through many threads on the forum reg. the PTI, I think I just want a bit of reassurance ! My focus areas have been: The Axiom of uniform stress, and the minimum lever arm (as well as running back through The Body Language of Trees, (t/R .etc)) Tree inspectors and land owner's duty of care (plundering a bit of case law) Fungi idents Tree idents Brushing up on basic biology and physiology And I'll be out in the field undertaking personal surveys of my own this weekend. Anything I've missed? I know two people who have passed first time and I'd like to get it done right first go round.


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