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  1. https://careers.ground-control.co.uk/vacancies.html#filter=p_web_site_id%3D5875%26p_published_to%3DWWW%26p_language%3DDEFAULT%26p_direct%3DY%26p_format%3DMOBILE%26p_include_exclude_from_list%3DN%26p_search%3D
  2. Might of been posted already but just in case » #findcorrie
  3. lawranced1


    Hey guys, Please donate what you can... great cause and awareness boost! http://mobro.co/davidlawrance
  4. anti hot spot tape on the hoops and it should slide over, stick someone in the tunnel with a broom to lift the poly over if needed. use to take 2 of us to change covers, a slight breeze is all so helpful!
  5. Think it just grows through
  6. How can I get rid of Ground Elder, do I need to dig it out?
  7. neither rough nor smooth? got to be 1 or the other.
  8. ASSUME NO POWERLINES ARE SAFE TO TOUCH! please don't go saying things like that.
  9. If your not sure you probably shouldn't be doing it.
  10. https://www.pseg.com/home/education_safety/safety/myths.jsp See point number 2
  11. What do you mean by that? You been testing it!
  12. No power lines are rated as insulated other than to protect the cable itself any 'insulation' serves no protection from shocks
  13. Cut every 3 weeks sounds like trouble! Price per square meter?


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