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  1. Ash logs

    Hi do you still need to offload the ash? Let me know. In Surbiton and can collect
  2. Log pile available

    Hi there I'm in Surbiton. Able to clear the wood if it's still there
  3. Ramsplitter HV20 stolen from Surbiton, Surrey on the 3rd October in the evening. The log splitter is orange, runs on a petrol honda engine, and is the towable version. The exhaust on it was slightly misshapen (due to a log knocking it out of place). Please if anybody hears anything could you let me know... Obviously police have been informed. The log splitter had been left out of storage for the night, as a mechanic was arrivng first thing in the morning to repair it, but had been chained up, and was out of sight. Assume someone saw me wheel the splitter outside, and was a 'crime of opportunity'. So would assume someone is trying to sell it as quickly as possible to get it off their hands. Thanks for any help anyone can provide Kind regards
  4. Ramsplitter HV20

    Thanks for everyone's replies and advice. I've said to the chap i'll have it. Just want him to get his mechanic to give it the once over to make sure that leak isnt a problem (hopefull should be fine), should pick it up in couple weeks. Thanks again for your opinions, its certainly going to save me a lot of work! Kind regards
  5. Ramsplitter HV20

    Thanks for your reply treequip, this info was very useful (my knowledge on these things is very limited really) Apologies for the incorrect photo, was in a rush last night. To clarify the splitter is the petrol model, 20 tonnes ram, and has seen little use (as far as i'm led to believe!) over the last 3 years since it was puchased from new The machine is CE marked The make of the engine is Honda I enquired into the leak, he said perhaps if i'd had it running all day the oil could have got hot, thinned down, and leaked that way?? He said his mechanic would look into it, but should definitely be able to fix it. I asked if it would require a service, he said because of the way it ran, it required very little maintenance, and considering its light use would be fine. He has asked £800 inc VAT (RRP seems to be in the region of 1600 exc VAT brand new) Your opinions and advice are greatly welcomed. Thanks
  6. Ramsplitter HV20

    I have been offered the splitter for £800. Is this a good deal?
  7. Ramsplitter HV20

    Thanks for your quick responses, i haven't got pictures of the exact machine, but this link shows the same model. Like i said the splitter is 3 years old, hasn't been over-used, but is a little bruised from where it has been used. Borrowed it for a day last week to test it out, worked very well, there was a slight leak at the end of the day, but the owner assures me he will have it fixed before i buy, and from what i gather isn't too uncommon from this type of machine. Thanks for any help you can give me, just very unsure of the re-sale value, know the rrp for a brand new one, just dont know how these things depreciate, and how well they hold their value Kind regards
  8. Ramsplitter HV20

    Hi there I have been offered a log splitter by an acquaintance, and wanted to know how much it was worth before going ahead with the purchase. It is a Ramsplitter HV20, runs on a petrol engine, and is the towable version. The splitter is 3 years old, has not seen too much use as far as i'm aware. Dont know much about purchasing this sort of equipment second hand and didnt want to pay over the odds. What do you think would be a good price? Thank you so much for any opinions/advice in advance, just wanted to ask some people who would know. Thanks again


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