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  1. Game/hunting camera as part of security system?

    Get one that sends the pics to your mobile phone then you can call the fuzz as the crime happens. My keeper friend has caught several scum bags with his and got convictions
  2. Live raffle results

    Good work chaps it's nice be a part of it
  3. Raffle draw time and date

    Please someone relay the result
  4. holidaying in york

    Get on the steam train from pickering to Whitby, it's a great way to see some beautiful scenery We found eating out expensive, we stayed at the Hilton which was a great base to explore, drive through the dales it's stunning
  5. Raffle draw time and date

    I'll be waiting patently on my iPhone for updates👍
  6. Robbery in South Cerney.Glos 17/11/14

    Gutted for you mate, sorry I've not been in touch I'll give you a bell this week.
  7. The lottery,,20 years old, what have you won

    My old man won £6500 on the lottery about 10 years ago 5 numbers and he shared it with me my brother and my sister 👍💷💷
  8. Remembrance day

    My family are extremely proud and grateful to be British, even my 2 young children 6 and 7 understand and appreciate the ultimate sacrifice of the men and women of our armed forces past and present We will always remember them God save the queen
  9. Who's on iphone6?

    I upgraded to the 6 from the 5 because of network problems with making and receiving calls however I found out after I upgraded that the issues were down to the 8.2 update, I found that the update had installed 4g which could be turned off but left 3G permanently on which meant no network which resulted in me paying nearly £40 a month and couldn't make or receive calls or text, so I took it back to o2 and down graded my account to a basic tariff. I got £150 back that I paid towards the 6 and bought an iPhone 4s from eBay, with the 4s I can turn off 3G to stop the iPhone from taking preference to 3G over cellular
  10. Anyone on Instagram?

  11. Throw line and throw weights and techniques

    Question?? I'm wanting to traverse into a neighbouring tree I throw my throwline over the branch of the said tree how the hell do I get it back to me to be able to set my rope? I've tried to pendulum my throw bag but I'm buggered if I can get it back to me
  12. Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day to all the arbtalk dads. I'm blessed and proud to be a father off two amazing beautiful children.
  13. Itcc uk results

    Great stuff! congratulations to them both
  14. Itcc uk results

    Cheers mark
  15. Itcc uk results

    Anyone know any results yet?


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