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  1. Thanks for your replies. I guess I'll give it a try and reserve judgement til I've seen the results. If it turns out worthwhile, I'll let you know.
  2. Has/does anyone use this for cookies, to prevent radial cracking? Seems a bit too good to be true but would appreciate hearing other peoples thoughts before I waste time and money trying it. Pentacryl - Green Wood Stabilizer PRESERVATION-SOLUTIONS.COM A green wood stabilizer that displaces water in fresh cut wood and prevents shrinking during the drying process, which...
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies. Khriss it's actually for an individual tree that has developed a lean. The client's had an excavator go through his arboretum last winter following storms so, I reckon, it's probably had a knock. The root plate seems sound enough but I'd be surprised if there wasn't some damage. He's been advised by his gardener that he should coppice it in order to save it.
  4. Does anyone know how well young (10 years ish) tulip trees respond to coppicing or pollarding? I realise it's a bizarre question but it's a specific request from a client, and having only come across tulip trees in a domestic context, I wasn't able to say with any certainty whether or not it was possible or viable. Cheers
  5. Thanks very much David, that's brilliant. I'll look into that. Was your study tour connected at all with Burnham Beeches and the management plan there?
  6. Cheers Rich, Donostia is a smart place. I'm looking forward to getting fat on pintxos there.
  7. Cheers for that David, that's more encouraging than I was expecting. I enjoyed your post about the study tour, some fantastic pictures. We have friends in Leitza, it's probably one of the most impressive places I've ever been as far as community and cultural identity go. Did you come across people speaking Euskara much? Any contacts you can find would be gratefully received. Cheers Hodge
  8. The usual story, for a girl. My girlfriend is Basque, from near Bayonne, she's been in the UK for the last year but she's found work close to Garazi. It seemed a good opportunity for her to have a more stimulating work life and to be somewhere new for me.
  9. Hello I know people have spoken about work in southern Europe on here in the past, and the replies frequently suggest it's difficult for an outsider to find work for various reasons, but I've got no choice about moving so it's worth a punt. # I'm moving to the Basque Country next month, probably living between St-Jean Pied-de-Port (Garazi) and Iraty. I've got relevant tickets and experience to work in domestic arb, commercial arb (utilities and rail) and forestry. Does anyone have any experience of working in that area, or close by. All advice is welcome but suggestions that I should stay at home are less helpful. Cheers Hodge
  10. <p>Hi Hodge, if your interested in the position could you provide me with some information on your qualifications, background etc? From what I can see you haven't but if you have I apologise I'm new to this site & still getting familiar with the functions etc.</p>

  11. Can anyone suggest any companies to try for subby work as a climber or in forestry in other European Countries, anywhere will do as long as it's not the UK. Cheers Hodge
  12. Does anyone know of any companies worth trying for work as a climber in Norway? Either contract work or a permanent position is fine. Cheers Hodge
  13. I'm looking to gain climbing experience and hopefully some work, preferably in Cumbria/North Lancs. I've got several years experience doing ground based work in the conservation sector as a self-employed contractor in the South Lakes area. I have my own kit and insurance and CS tickets 30/31 and 38 (I'm doing 39 before the end of March). If anyone can help out it would be much appreciated. Cheers Hodge. 07917 524153


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