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  1. This is the trouble I’m having I know my budget won’t stretch to a new one and I’m not vat registered which is a killer. Looking at one on Wilson’s but 13thousand hours puts me off a bit doesnt have to be a Valtra but that is my personal preference for woodland work.
  2. 25inch log thin end 34-36inch thick end about ten to twelve foot section been down a fair few years, I can send some pics Monday if that helps Simon gloucestershire.
  3. On the hunt for a Valtra, max budget about £25k anybody have anything for sale.? Seems very little about at the moment
  4. 560 xp available for spares if you are intrested
  5. I don’t mean to throw a spanner in the works but I’d look for a second tip site, if you are planning on tipping all of your rubbish at a specialist nursery, how are you going to explain the risk of cross contamination on some prime species when you bring in diesed tree waste. Just a thought as everyone else is saying, start banging in some hours with a firm to get the physical experience and saw experience. I hear so many people say I want to be a tree surgeon and climb, then get 20 feet up a small conifer and crap there pants. Just always have a plan b c d and e
  6. Hi tree Dan 

    give me a ring on 07825085286 self employed with full kit inc rigging and saws from top handle to 88 landy tipper and chipper if needed 


  7. I have a yard you can tip at in Randwick about 3 miles from painswick Drop me a message if it can be of help simon
  8. Why not a straight fell?? Looked a fair bit of room to crash out or were there other factors?
  9. Could I get a contact number as I'm very intrested. Simon

    <p>Hi there Smithers </p>

    <p>I'm very intrested in the crane and chipper </p>

    <p>Have you a contact number so I can ask about purchasing it</p>

    <p>Andafew other questions </p>



  11. Had a similar problem with mine. Could be the slave cylinder. There is a nut that you can release the pressure, you then top it up with dot 3 or four and continue to pump the clutch until the pressure builds up. Always worth a go and it's a cheep stating point
  12. Just watched the video again. Was the same sling used for taking the heavy timber down that was used for lowering the smaller branches?? There looked to be around 50% of the branches that were badly unbalanced and spun round causing a bit of a shock load to the sling. Could this be a factor?? Fan of chains personally on cranes

    <p>Hi </p>

    <p>Looking for a full shipping container size load delivered to stroud Gloucestershire gl10 2nz </p>

    <p>Would take repeat loads also. </p>

    <p>Contact details are 07825085286</p>

    <p>Or 01453 828446 </p>

    <p>Would be intrested in a order in the next few weeks</p>



  14. I'm literally down the road from him. You want me to check it out?? What's your budget on chipper as I have a greenmech 15-23 I'm looking to change 2009 machine with about 800 hours on it
  15. How many meters are there. I've got 2.5 miles worth of tracks to sort out in my wood. I'd be intrested to know a price for when you are finished with it
  16. Tractor and strong rope Chris where are younworking then mate
  17. This is why I love arb talk Cheers guys we are pretty sure it's good old colic again. I really appreciate all of your ideas, as with rest I will get some quick naps in. Luckily I'm the boss so I think I deserve it every now and then. I will see how tonight goes. Wife has phoned and said she has been better during the day so fingers crossed.
  18. So we are lucky to have been blessed with our s cond baby daughter, She is now just over three weeks old. Our first was so content that although hard was fairly Easy. Our second totally different. I will try not to compare but all she does is cry all the time. If she isn't asleep its just tears constantly. My wife and I are both at our wits end. The problem is my wife says go to bed you have work and let me sort things, which is good of her, but I see no difference in staying awake listening to her scream or try and help. I'm actually getting to breaking point. Trying to do arb work on 3/4 hours sleep a night is going to catch up on me So does anybody have any tips. I'm thinking about organising a snip party. I've done my bit for humanity so time to get me to the vets I think.
  19. I think your right it does deserve a second use. Yes it can be milled on site. I would have to be there as its at a private school so I can make sure nobody would stray to far from site. Standard policy for the school. I can help load onto a trailer or small lorry if that helps as I have a tractor with loader
  20. Just bumping the thread as I could do with this one gone soon
  21. Log is located in stonehouse Gloucestershire


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