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  1. Hi guys I am selling my stump grinder after getting a job as a HGV driver so won't have time to do garden work AND stump grinding. I've had it for two years working it only at weekends. Hours are in the mid 700's somewhere I'll let you know exactly what the gauge says if you need to know. It's a Carlton 2700-4 hydraulic stump grinder. Selling with trailer, folding guards, various tools, set of new teeth and a cat scanner if needed. I'm looking for about £6000 for the lot. Any questions please just email [email protected] will take more pictures upon request. The ad is/was on arb trader but I've never gotten any interest it doesn't seem like people use it... Thanks , Sam
  2. Ive fixed the previous problem with my truck only for a new one to arise! every time I turn the wheel even slightly theres a loud noise coming from the front end. Its a ''chuga chuga chuga'' sort of noise thats the best way to describe it. Sort of sounds like a helicopter. Its not the wheel bearings they were changed about 3 or 4 months ago. Ive got General grabber all terrains on there so their quite aggresive and apparently the tread towards the edge of them can wear un evenly causing this sort of sound. But id have thought it wouldnt have come about this suddenly. Any ideas?
  3. suppose its a guessing game yeah. The mechanic that did the work said it looks sound enough but the reputation concerns me a little
  4. By all accounts they dont last too well after 80,000 so I just want more opinions. Ive spent £1700 on it in the last 3 months keeping it going, 90% of the people ive asked say get rid of it whilst it still works because their no good at that mileage. They seem to have a bit of a reputation. Does anyone have any opinions or experience in the matter? cheers
  5. I've charged the battery but it's still dead nothing happens when I turn the key. Any ideas? Nothing else would go as a cause of leaving the fuel pump running would it? Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  6. Thanks Johny your a life saver. It seems obvious to me know I can't believe insist check there but thanks anyway Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  7. Basically where is it?? It's a 2700-4 so an old model. The fuel switch was left on so the thing is dead and I cannot find the battery or anything to hook a charger up to! Any ideas would be really appreciated Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  8. had a test drive in a dmax utah today it seemed really nice to drive but i cant get past the fact its just an isuzu. it doesnt scream work truck to me...all of the people ive mentioned it to or asked for their opinions seemed to put them down...but in fairness nobody has ever given a genuine reason just a 'its only an isuzu' thing...
  9. Im looking at getting a new truck hopefully one of the new ranger or hilux models with low mileage. My navara is definatly on the way out! £1500 in repairs in the last two months is a step too far so im taking the plunge. I like the look of the new ranger but it seems impossible to get my hands on one in the flesh has anyone had any proper experience with them? i think its a supercab version of that or a double cab hl3 hilux, but ive heard they struggle even with an empty load bed? so my idea of having an auto one would be a terrible idea expecially considering I lug a grinder around on the trailer most days. all opinions welcome
  10. that grinder is mine! I saw it on ebay the other day. I brought it almost a year ago hes copied some of the description and the first picture. I dont know about other people but one picture, a one sentence description and zero feedback spells a definate no-no seller to me.
  11. Hi lads ive been quiet for a while but a bit of a drama today forces me to ask the question...I was grinding in a tight spot, very stoney and on a ledge so my guards were slightly 'precariously placed' lets say. All was going well, but one gust of wind later and they were wrapped around the grinder head. I admit fault the guards were placed in a stupid place but it just got me thinking has anyone discovered a better alternative than the metal framed mesh sections that cost silly money? Something perhaps a little cheaper, stronger and solid in the wind? any suggestions welcomed:biggrin:! preferably not plywood!
  12. I've almost finished a job taking down some conifers but I'm struggling to get equipment to finish it with so I'm offering the completion of the job to anyone with a chipper and 4x4? Some stacked, some snedded and some just dropped. It's all on the deck anyway. Tip site is half a mile down the road. Shouldn't be more than a day but don't hold me to that! Job and tip site is on field so 4x4 necessary but if you want to brash it and leave it at the tip site for me to burn then I'm up for that. Anyone interested let me know pm or email [email protected] uk Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  13. Sorry for no reply lads. Most of the stuff is gone there's some stacked, some snedded and most not snedded left but I'm a bit out of time if someone still fancies it? No more than a days work for chipper 4x4 and couple of lads. Email [email protected] if your interested this clean up has been lingering because of weather and trying to acquire a chipper and a second man for ages now I just want it off my really. It was way too big a job for me to undertake to be honest. Oh well lesson learnt! Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  14. YoGi_93

    Husky 385xp?

    A mate of mine is selling his for £500 with a 25'' bar. Am I right in saying its an old saw? They don't make them anymore do they? I just want to know if their any good or should I spend a bit more or look out for a 372? It will be used for stumps, considering I have a fair few big'uns I need a bigger saw really Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  15. I might be wrong but im pretty sure the army are replacing the snatch landrovers because they dont exactly stand up to IED's? Not compared to the Mastiff APC's that theyve brought in anyway. Which I dont know about you but I havnt seen too many mines around the midlands?


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