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  1. does anyone have a holder carraro ferrari tractor for sale pm me needed asap
  2. unimog 72


    worked in klagenfurt and salzburg a fair few times lovely place buetafull women good beer stunning mountins made a few friends there over the years big trees all covered in moss lichin hard climbing we took down some massive sitka in a park 35 meters plus
  3. id go for jake plate roof mount to top heavy to high no reason why you couldnt still use linkige with jake plate botex are good simple cranes ive moved thousends of ton with them kesla is better caladonain forestry very good firm id contact them
  4. diesel every time petrol is only tiny bit faster not much petrol would cost£ 40per day red diesel £4 its a no brainer preditor cant sell the petrols cos there 2thirsty p28 is a good machine cuts as fast as i can drive it just tips are a bit dear but they do last well
  5. thirsty beast had one on demo once brought 28 instead
  6. in build quality greenmech are ok but to mutch plastic just not as well built harder to service and those disc blades are a joke go for forst more local dealer better more productive tool
  7. farthest ive been was austria went 7 times about week each time
  8. put it out to tender to 3 firms to get best price we fell and extract oak pm me
  9. compact tractor and forwarding trailer what sort of output per day on say 3 meter firewood with 3 ton trailer and compact tractor 200 meter extraxtion
  10. i have 2 jenson used to run timberwolfe jenson far better unlike timber wolfe jenson berings still same at 2k hours timberwolfe used to go every 150
  11. ive got one for sale 560 tl ona trailer only18 monthes old perfect nick only selling as i need drive trailer for new site thats very steep
  12. any one have an alastor or other mini forwarder for hire in or near wiltshire self drive or driven pm me please
  13. be on lookout had catlytic converter nicked of hilux wendsday night thieving scum
  14. just put winch on front oil powered 4or6 ton we have one one our u 1000 goodbit of kit bit slow for skidding we use ours for surgery work also got 15 ton boughton on 3cx with back arm taken of now thats a winch pulled out my valmet and drive trailer last week with full load
  15. unimog 72


    where to get husky parts 357 clutches both failed last week local dealer says 4to5 days also is it just me or are all the new saws built on the cheap had load s of probs with 550s just seem to be built out of sh... brought new 362 stihl after having 361 and realy liking it had loads of probs with that to ive been at it for 20 years forestry and tree surgery but never had so mutch grief with saws


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