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  1. Girl killed by falling branch.

    How can anyone even think the teachers are to blame!? If you decide they are responsible for this incident, think of the number of lifes they must be saving by teaching kids every other school day! A good enough reason to give them their pensions... or spend that money on tree work... My thoughts lie with the girls family
  2. Tip of the day!

    Don't eat yellow snow!
  3. Any Ideas please?

    The Male catkins are fluffy yes but the mature female catkins do look almost succulant, similar to the photo. How about a grey willow opposed to goat, Salix cinerea oleifolia maybe? but not sure how large they grow or common they are?
  4. Any Ideas please?

    Ahhh yes! a fruiting goat willow. Cheers guys, would never have got that!
  5. Any Ideas please?

    I was sent this photo, no other information. Anyone got any ideas?
  6. Yew

    My collegue has 4 yew trees that were cut down about a month ago, varying in diameter from about 16in down to 3in, from about 4ft to 16ft in length. In the midlands, coventry/solihul. I'll messaged you his details.
  7. Taking bets on getting my back door kicked in

    Yeah I agree, I'm only trying to say its not really cost effective for other plants, which is why its lead to it being used for illegal purposes. Personally I think it's a nice fun little project.
  8. Taking bets on getting my back door kicked in

    Its a fun old game! Although from everyone's knowledge here it seems a common interest. Dean, you need to lower your lights, close enough to give them maximum light, but far enough away not to burn them + a little growing room. stick it on a chain, and you can use a karabiner to shorten it by missing out links
  9. Taking bets on getting my back door kicked in

    The main reason hydroponics exists is because the specific plants they grow are of high value, and can pay off the leccy and water bills! Stolen electrics the main reason the rozzers would stop by. I'd use the yews for a test run...
  10. MS200 One Handed follow on poll

    I think theres a time and a place for one handed use, when your at full reach/out of the kick-back zone, but good work positioning should eliminate much of the one-handed work thats done.
  11. New STEIN Handsaws

    Lefty or even ambidextrous scabbard would be great. The nylon roller sounds like a good idea, forever getting the silky jammed!
  12. Welcome new members

    Hey everyone! I'm Mike, currently studying Arb. Great site you've got, far too easy to spend the entire evening on here!


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