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  1. eagleye

    A bit random, but worth a punt!

    Extend it up with ball stop netting nice and light hardly any wind resistance you might have to upgrade corner posts for straining wires and extend the others as intermediate supports job done
  2. eagleye

    What top handle saw?

    no the 181 bit is the horsepower
  3. eagleye

    Hedge Trimmer Blade

    use some loctite tighten each bolt and nut one at a time until you find the tight one then slacken it off a bit loctite will stop it vibrating undone job done
  4. eagleye

    Chainsaw trousers washed too hot?

    buy a new pair if your worried your easy find £65 if your self empolyed add £10 to the next 7 jobs if your PAYE get your employer to buy you a new pair and pay them back £10 a week or get your girlfriend to pay for them it was her fault and requires further training with the washing machine
  5. eagleye

    Painting Galvanised Steel

    use ordinary metal primer and go back in a years time and watch it all peel off use the proper galvanised primer or your in trouble it will peel some good advise has already been given
  6. eagleye

    Carriage Costs

    try brewers paint merchants or any decent decorating suppliers near to you their do the correct primer for galvanised metal
  7. eagleye

    Green Waste Facility Gravesend

    try these Swanley - Food and green waste recycling, Anaerobic digestion, Renewable Energy Company UK - Tamar or st margrets farm st margrets road south darenth
  8. eagleye

    vandal prof fence

    [ame= ] [/ame] this one found out the hard way
  9. eagleye

    Using MEWP's

    council issue them just look up the relevant local council and go to permits it will probably be in with the likes of skip permits traffic management permits materials on the road permits
  10. eagleye

    Using MEWP's

    permit to work on or over the highway required google it there's plenty of info
  11. eagleye

    Removing Copper Sulphate stains from Tarmac!

    try a weak acid on a small sample
  12. eagleye

    Grease gun.. stihl?

    drill and tap the plug and fit a grease nipple job done
  13. eagleye

    Problems cutting with the Stihl 1/4 pitch chain

    what size file are you using
  14. eagleye

    Stihl HL-KM 135 pinion gears removal

    you have pm
  15. eagleye

    Tipper Cage

    check the weight of the truck with crew and kit first one of ours not crewcab but has a roller shutter box and cage 2 crew and kit comes in at 2840kg = 660kg payload


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