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  1. Got an FS90 in bits on my floor. Avoid. Buy something Japanese. Tanaka Echo Kawasaki
  2. Buy Ryobi at your peril. I stopped buying their junk over ten years ago, because it's all crap.
  3. Not that I can help you, with time running out I'd try googling tree surgeons in the local area and explain your plight. Good luck.
  4. Agreed. Kick it to death and buy a Makita. I'm not defending Stihl anymore on here...(see my MS391 thread). Makita all the way!
  5. Wicked Rich ..so how would I unstuck it?
  6. Sorry I can't help Shaves, I came here expecting to see a picture of your extensive brood lol! Choka-bloke-checking-out.
  7. Magnets are the arch enemy of computer hard drives. I would not stick ANY magnets to my computer case. Maybe your repair man is trying to drum up some trade like the tyre garages who scatter screws in the road near their estate. (Allegedly)
  8. Looks like something from the remake of the Texas Chainsaw massacre, and in my hands would probably result in lots of dismembered body parts. My own!
  9. Which makes and models have the best carbs and most reliable engines GardenKit? My low hours Stihl is playing up after a winter lay off (no drive to shaft) My Kawasaki (Kaaz Danarm VF500) seems ok despite the bloody Portek Rebel head being stuck on (can't replace line, can't get the bugger off!!) I'm now going for the Makita 43cc MM4 model.
  10. Anyone got any thoughts on the Makita 43cc 4 stroke Vibes same as my Kaaz Danarm (little lower in fact) and similar money to the Stiga. I may or may not have one of these in my collection soon �� http://www.radmoretucker.co.uk/category/Petrol_Brushcutters/product/Makita_EM4351UH_MM4Stroke_Petrol_Brushcutter/?gclid=CNOeq_Ht680CFZEy0wodAjAPHA
  11. My first 'brushcutter' had a glass cyclinder. Or at least it lasted as long as I'd expect one to.
  12. Not sure, think it may be the clutch. Took the power head off and turned the (solid square) drive shaft by hand and the spline on the 'business end' rotates freely. Carefully inserted the drive shaft back into the PH and tightened. Rev it and nothing rotates.
  13. Fair enough! I've got an FS90 which has just stopped working (no drive to gear head). It's nice being 4-mix but feels lacklustre compared to the 46cc Kawasaki. I'm tempted by the Stiga, but just keep holding off for some reason.
  14. Any regrets Richard? I too looked at these but the vibes are very high for a machine billed as 'anti vibe'. My Kaaz Danarm 45cc Kawasaki has a similar look but half the vibes. 2.1 and 2.0.
  15. Shindaiwa DH230 is a good robust unit.
  16. I reckon that'd fit me a treat! Can I justify a forteenth leather jacket!?
  17. It wasn't a bad dream, I DID POST it...
  18. I will dance naked for you if they do, and you can put it on YouTube, ...damn my internet's laggy tonight. Come on Wales!
  19. Likewise. Looking for numero cinco. If money were no object I'd try one of those Maruyamas (BC5020 or summit) Money is an object so the £850 tag makes it a non runner. Second I'd like one of those twin cyclinder Robins, but doubt their readily available in the UK. Then I'd have that Husqvarna 545RXT for the 'thicker shaft' (always a bonus) and the excellent harness it's supposed to have. But it's a lot of dosh. Not far behind would be the Tanaka TBC 600. Top notch build quality by all accounts but still rather spendy, as the yanks would say. So that brings me back to a 53cc Kwakasuki and just be grateful I saved over £400
  20. What about these new Maruyamas that a member's been touting on here? I like the look of them...a lot! Finding the £850 price tag a bit salty though. Think I'll end up with another Kawasaki powered something.
  21. Neil do you have a website with prices on? I hate having to ask the price for each particular item when browsing, I'll walk straight out of a shop with no prices (normally old fashioned hardware stores).
  22. I wonder if he bought the Stihl, Husqvarna, Jonsered or Skoda?


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