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  1. I'm afraid that I don't have the qualifications to write you a report. The tree now only has a very thin leaf covering on the remaining live branches. It does have a large amount of larger dead branches that have noticeably excelerate in the past year.The closest Consultant that I know is Jerry Ross. He is based at Ross-on-Wye.
  2. I know the tree. It's local to me. The tree has been in decline for the past few years. Probably around 1/3rd of the tree is dead. I wouldn't trust it to climb and to rig it off itself. My view is the damage was done when the house was built. No tree protection put in place. The driveway construction destroyed a large proportion of the root structure. Its another common case of no planning enforcement. To remove the tree. As well as the dead material. You also have the house, the main road and a busy junction to be dealt with. I can't see that the tree could be saved.
  3. Isn't it the wrong time of year to be working on Cherry trees. They should be in full leaf when worked on?
  4. Working for a small family run business Must have own transport Be self employed You dont necessarily need experience or tickets, these can be worked towards 50% of the work is tree surgery based 50% is fencing, both agricultural & domestic/ meadow conservation/ habitat management You would be working as part of a 2/3 man team If interested email me on: [email protected]
  5. I'm looking for a self employed individual with or without experience. My business covers a wide range of services. Tree surgery, conservation management ( creating/managing flower meadows) ,estate work (fencing gates and access) ,hedge trimming and fencing. If interested email [email protected]
  6. I need to re-tune my huqavarna 357xp. I have in the passed re-tuned all of my saws but this one seems to be causing me a problem. Could any one tell me what the factory settings are for my huqavarna 357xp (2006-2007). I have been looking online but cannot find it. The adjuster screws on this saw only seem to have about half a turns play on each.
  7. Does anyone know where I can find any information on the forum about Certainly Wood? I thought I had read some a few weeks ago but now I cannot find it. Does anyone know where this might have gone? thanks for your help
  8. Rumor has it that the majority of CW work force is from Eastern Europe so no surprise there. No one can compete with a workforce paid peanuts. Another rumor is that they run a separate company acting as an agency for foreign workers (from within the EU) looking to enter the country. Very handy when looking for cheap workers willing to work any hours. All seems a bit suspicious to me. Lots of nudge,nudge,wink,wink going on. Most of the wood in my area seems to go to CW for wood fuel. A large percentage of this wood is of high quality and could be used for milling, but woodland owners just want a quick buck. Managed woodland is all very well as long as it is managed for the right reason. Woodland owners these days seem to just want to strip the woodland near to bare putting as little back into the area as they can get away with. I don’t see how this can be classed as sustainable with the current practice. What happened to the days of woodland management where the work was done for the right reason and sometimes even BY HAND?
  9. Lucas Mill is what you want. There is a Guy here in Herefordshire for the job. Lookup Andrew Hewitt Mobile saw mill online.
  10. Try hewitt mobile saw (web page) he is based in Herefordshire but he will travel.
  11. My thoughts from looking at the pics and if the tree appears dramatically different from just a month ago I would….Remove all limbs and reduce the trunk to approx 15-20ft. Next just wait and see how the epicormic growth reacts. This was done at Westonbirt Arboretum with good success rates. If the tree does not recover at least it is safer and could be left as a monolith at a more suitable height.
  12. Around here i would have charged £120.00 thats two men all kit and insurance and material removed.


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