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  1. tony w

    Recent work

    some recent work from Vancouver bc . Amazing summer here at the moment ! Mainly big conifer removals and the odd nice broadleaf prune .
  2. ye stephen , wasnt as bad as it looks , just nerve racking , moves different when rigging
  3. cheers for the comments folks, ye silky they grow big over here for sure man , ye great video and a top bloke, editing software was movie maker man, really easy going !
  4. Recently moved out to melbourne to contract climb, being getting some great work, heres one of the job from last week, first ever edit. cheers [ame] [/ame]
  5. hey dude, thanks for the info , ye man i loved it when i passed through, like you say got in touch with a bunch of companys hopefully hear something back this coming week. cheers ant
  6. Hey folks Looking for sponsorship or a job offer so i can apply for a work permit for canada, Visited British Columbia and fell in love with the place.The working holiday visa is done for this year hence applying for work permit or sponsorship. Keen as bean , loves trees,climbing, 7 years experience climbing, Not scared of hard work, 500 plus hours crane experience, Fully qualified. Desperate to get out there and can be there anytime after july 25th . Thanks for your time . Really looking to settle permanently in canada. Any advice would be great. cheers Ant
  7. tony w

    crane pics

    cheers people. its ok adam, you get a bit jealous now and then , governers bay nz, i do love where this job takes you some days
  8. Just a few shots from the last couple weeks, been pretty flat out!
  9. depends how busy you are for work mate . dont sell yourself short chuck a load on it and if you get it. bonus thats how i look at not so good jobs.
  10. tony w

    Bits and Bobs

    Couple jobs recently removing 22 lombardys and taking a small lime down/crane assisted, tree had split up trunk in wind, job all done and dusted by 11. would have rigged it all down but the company quoted for crane
  11. Nicely done reg, hit the nail on the head with that , i personally think thats your best video so far, with the gob i do the exact same with big bits of timber as well. works sweet. hope things are well mate.
  12. I took 4 of them down in February , I have been here a year now. aw kool:001_smile:
  13. yes mate the gum is in the gardens , Christchurch , shocker.


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