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  1. Len Brennan

    Mystery Yew fungus

    From the couple of photos I've been able to find via Google, I think you've nailed it there.
  2. Len Brennan

    Mystery Yew fungus

    It's on a live, if slightly sickly looking, yew and quite dense and spongy, not at all fragile or puffy.
  3. Len Brennan

    Mystery Yew fungus

    Didn't mean to start a war guys Some more photos. Pete.
  4. Len Brennan

    Mystery Yew fungus

    I've taken a few more photos, I'll post them up when I get to my pc.
  5. Len Brennan

    Mystery Yew fungus

    Hi Guys, I've noticed a few Yew trees in the area (South Cumbria) with this black spongy fruiting body on them, and wondered if anyone could id it for me. Cheers
  6. Len Brennan

    What camera?

    If money isn't a concern. Have a look at the Fuji x-pro 1, it's what I'd buy if had a spare 1500 quid.
  7. Len Brennan

    Advice please

    I use a 254xp with a 15" bar for all my firewood and it does the job nicely, I bought it second hand off Fleabay for about 200 squids I think. The one you've linked to is apparently made up of bits from various saws but should be none the worse for that.
  8. Len Brennan

    Learning to see and use the natural beauty in wood.

    In my opinion Tim Stead did this kind of thing better than anyone The Workshop of Tim Stead
  9. Len Brennan

    Milk it

    Are you sure thats right? What happened to thousands of miles of hedgerows we used to have? Why aren't there any fish in our streams? Where have all the hay meadows gone? Why have the numbers of birds in our countryside plummetted? If you ask me, the majority of farmers don't 'look after the countryside' they have systematically destroyed it over the last 50 years in the persuit of profit. And the worst part about it is that the Common Agricultural Policy (our taxes) has paid them to do it! Just my opinion of course
  10. Len Brennan

    Leaf ID please!

    Ficus carica.
  11. Len Brennan

    Ambitious gardening project - advice

    (except there's two t's in ditto!)
  12. Len Brennan

    Help wanted to ID my fruit tree

    Looks like a Bullace to me, kind of half way between a damson and a plum.
  13. Len Brennan

    Scumbag protestor at the boat race

    He'd better run off back there then, there's some big blokes from Oxford who would like a word with him!
  14. Len Brennan

    Sky Engineers ?

    When the Sky 'engineer' fitted my dish he drilled the hole in the wall AFTER he'd done the job! Drilled the hole, put in the wall plug, screwed in the eye bolt, unscrewed the eye bolt and left.
  15. Len Brennan

    drying wood

    All these 'green' subsidies simply take money from the poor and give it to the rich. I can't afford £10000 for solar panels (I can't even afford a house to put them on) why should I subsidise someone who can?


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