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  1. cool video. thanks for sharing!
  2. yeah thats my thinking, got work lined up in byron next, but if it works out, im going to do a big loop round oz over the two years. fingers crossed it works out!
  3. does any one know if the reginal work has to be in the same post code? as in working for the same company for the tree months, or is it just 3 months over all allowing u to work for a few different ones around the country? thanks
  4. yeah its going well thanks, doing some as i speak. got a little collection of splices but not tested any yet. with any luck il be moving on end of jan so would be good to catch up for a rec climb if ur up for it.
  5. great pics ben, definitely makes me want to explore oz more. good luck with it all!
  6. hi mate, if your thinking about the east coast try BYRON BAY TREE SERVICES, or EASTERN TREE SERVICES. if you want to go up north to darwin try PARADISE GROUP TREE SERVICES. or maybe try looking at the bigger tree companies like ACTIVE or ACE. hope this helps
  7. am i missing a trick here? i cant even get the fid past the core in the cover! been at it for about an hour all i gotten is a couple of inches. any help much appreciated im bout to blow a gasket...
  8. lukewr


    hey, it depends where abouts in melbourne you want/ are going to be. iv just moved over here about a month ago. to answer your housing question, look on gumtree. there are loads of places on there, so many people are moving around/traveling, i found a place in a few days. i went for the biggest house share i could, its an easy way to meet people. there are also loads of back packers also. Melbourne is bigger than you thing, im limited to public transport and a push bike and there are some places i wont even bother going for the hassell of it. place im working at take it pretty easy most of the time. its 2pm now and im home already! (rare- but its nice to finish early some times) im sure it varies tho like back home. PM me if you have any more questions. hope this has helped!
  9. im currently using Yale beeline 9mm which i think works really well. you can get it from honey brothers!
  10. i really rate the BL, as mentioned before tho it doesn't last like others. i also really like AP and will be going back on it once my BL needs changing as iv run out. i find both of these better than OP. going back to the longevity of BL, it mite not last as long, but its a small expense in the scheme of things so il often buy a load of it at once.
  11. does anyone have this book? and do you think its any good?
  12. got mine from forestry and arb! was the cheapest place at the time (bout 6 months ago).

    get a bar liek this for you 346!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. you geting to grips with all this then?


    you with mr international tommorow then curry!!!!!!!


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