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  1. Does anybody run a ama top handle are they any good may be just for light duties
  2. hi all new to climbing & climbing kit just got some rope to get me started but could you tell me if this should be covered cheers
  3. hi guys been offered a job but i will need to go self employed just wondering if their is any funding available and what steps i have to take to go self employed cheers
  4. well done' i also had same instructor & assessor great guys
  5. thanks guys for your posts like you say it might be to much of an investment if i don't have a regular income coming in cheers
  6. hi guys my back ground is in groundsman ship/ greenkeeping 17yrs + i have cs 30 31 but in the next month iam being made redundant and jobs are short on the ground. I was contemplating buying a chipper and hiring it out as chipper&operator is their a good market for this and is it profitable after the over heads insurance ,chipper ticket etc any comments ,views appreciated thanks
  7. good points about getting rid of the stump any ideas how much it would cost to get somebody in with a stump grinder
  8. hi fellas what are the pro and cons of using a digger instead of stump grinding what would the price comparison be for example on a 12-18 inch stump be cheers
  9. yeah its only down the road within a mile of me cheers guys
  10. does anybody know what a fair rate/price would be for splitting ash logs by axe only about 2-3 hrs work at most i would think any ideas appreciated cheers
  11. cheers guys i do fancy a week away but can't get away with it so ive had to book a later course at myerscough but thanks for your replys
  12. was due to do cs30/31 courses at myerscough college but they were cancelled does anyone know where else that does these courses inthe lancashire/gtr manchester area could do with doing them soon as iam a greenkeeper and it will soon be busy season cheers
  13. was due to do my cs30/31 this month at myerscough college but was cancelled does anyone know where else that does these courses in the lancashire/gtr manchester area i work as a greenkeeper so could do with doing them as possible before the busy season cheers


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