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  1. Where’s best place to get heizo blades please any recommendations and anything else I need to keep an eye on as I’ve just got one cheers guys
  2. Yes just basically change direction of feed
  3. Hi guys just trying find if any of you have retro fitted a remote to control your feed rollers so you can feed with a crane/digger?? I have a bc1400 and want to fit remote so I can feed it with our digger what's your opinions! Cheers in advance
  4. Gem Arb is looking for a self employed climber/groundie to assist with commercial contracts around the north west, must have nptc tickets and cscs would be an advantage. Good rates for the right person. Pm me if interested
  5. Entec chipper, 540xp, 560xp stihl polesaw stihl combi with saw 200t Austria harness all stolen with van(van recovered) as lads working at side of van. anyone get offered any of the follow please let me know
  6. Hi gents, for anyone who wants to look here is the link to the video from the drone, unfortunatly the footage of the pie eater stuck ran out of memory as he was there to long!
  7. 5:11 and 11 3/4st and feel fat
  8. Does anyone know if the front/rear work lights are on same relay as the l/h parking(side) lights, co's mine keeps blowing fuses!! I've checked all connections on side lights and trailer socket all seem good, sorted a couple of wet joints but still blowing fuses.
  9. Artic cat diesel think it 700cc pulls it well only time struggles is on wet hills, thinking of 4wd on trailer!!
  10. Got my 8100 from Wilson's with roof mount 560 so far so good. Must admit wilsons can be a bit hard work tho.
  11. I have tp200 with turn table very happy with it I know it is an 8" machine but it's easy to live with and not to heavy on my mog.
  12. Here is mine wanted crane to save my back!!
  13. gemtrees


    Yes based in Darwen near Blackburn quite a big set up these days, started as maintenance contractors then added Arb work, use to do some work for them years ago. No idea what they are like to work for, only one way to find out!!!
  14. I believe it was hodges old tractor
  15. Yer valley forestry is who is on the log book. Not sure who the nearest valtra dealers are in the north west, was thinking of taking it to our local auto electrician so see if it repairable or replace it. It works really well for us we do woodland and arb work on commercial sites so fits in well, crane got refurb at wilson's and tractor seems in good nic.
  16. Hodge on here had it, I put some pics up last month asking if anyone knew the machine, it's a small world!!
  17. its a definite grinding/catching, flapping sound and bits of thin plastic fall out of the roof air vents which I think are the fan blades!!!
  18. We'll finally got my tractor with roof crane all good very pleased with its versatility, only one problem!!!! The bloody heater is really noisy on hi setting, I think some of the fan has broke off. Does anyone know where I can get another one from???
  19. Self employed groundie or climber required for contract in Bolton. Must have certs and own ppe.
  20. Here's mine still in training!!
  21. Thanks guys really help full, had a go with my mates today so I have something to compare too.
  22. Thanks for that, that is a great list to go thro I'm going to print that off and take with me cheers:-)


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