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  1. Constructive criticism or advice is one thing. Jumping down the guys throat and outright calling him stupid is, as has been said, bullying and out of order. A person can have difficulty with written communication without being stupid. If anything has ruined this thread it's the uglyness of some of the unnecessary cheap digs, not squirrel.
  2. Cheers for the replies. Spotted the ad on arbjobs so I'll check them out. I'll check treescape out as well and see who I can find on google. Headin out on the 16th feb so gotta week or 2 to do my research!
  3. Alright folks, I'm hoping to be spending 10 days in Brisbane towards the end of Feb, with the intention of checking it out for a possible move out there. So my question is, have any of you guys had any experience working out there? Or does anybody know of any companies out there that are likely to be employing? I'm planning on dropping in on one or two, just for a chat and to see what might be on offer, so any likely candidates to visit would be much appreciated
  4. Hi all, Got a weeks work coming up in Nottingham, week commencing 12th March, and there's gonna be a bit of timber coming off the job. I haven't seen the schedule yet so not sure how much, but it'll probably be between 3 and 6 tonnes. Also I know it's a mix of hardwood and softwood but not sure of the ratios yet. We'll be willing to deliver up to 10 - 15 miles and can have it cut to size ready to split if required, with price depending on quantity and quality of timber. If anyone's interested let me know on here or feel free to call me... 07883013607 Cheers, Joe
  5. Joe90

    GOOD gloves?

    If you're loving the Treeclimber Dark Gloves, I'd stick with them for climbing and get yourself some welders gauntlets if you're chipping thorn quite often. I used to do a bit on the railways, so plenty of thorn, and these were the best by far. They'll last you a while, they're cheap as chips (on ebay), and you can chip razor wire with em and not get hurt! Doubt you'll find one glove that'll give you the dexterity needed for climbing and the protection needed for heavy chipping sessions. Hope this helps!
  6. Will do Steve. Thanks again for the help and who knows, I might catch up with you in sunny oz someday
  7. I'm in my 31st year so i've missed the boat on that one unfortunately. I was unsure on which visa i'd need and on where i'd stand on making the move permanent so thanks for the info there, much appreciated! Still got a house to renovate and sell so it's gonna be a few months before I can look at taking the plunge but it's good to have the info in advance. Cheers again, Joe
  8. Hey Mr Ape, I'm over 30 (only just mind) so i'd have to go down the 457 visa route. Assuming all went well what are the chances of being able to convert the temporary 457 visa to permanent residency? Also i only hold practical certs (NPTC), would I have to hold an ND or equivalent to apply for either the 457 visa or residency? Cheers, Joe
  9. 10 quid isn't bad but we managed to wing it and get rid of the lot! Lost a lot of it on site (shrub beds) and we stumbled across a landscaper who, has luck would have it, had a use for about 4 tonnes of chip Couple of lads have gotta go back to do the last few next week but we got the bulk of it done. They were on the side streets off Croxley Way i think it was called. Tintern crecent, Byland Close, all round there. Some of em aren't the prettiest, they were done with a polesaw from a MEWP and priced tight! Cheers again for the input chaps
  10. I'd say £100 - £120 a day is fair, especially if your getting kept busy all year on those rates and your happy working for the guy. Pretty sure that it's just the employer that ends up in hot water for using a freelancer full time basis. Think it's seen as exploitation.
  11. ye there's 28 pops that have been pollarded many moons ago, some are gettin a re-pollard and some are gettin a 30% reduction. We're down all week, hopin to get it boxed off by thurs and drive home fri but i can't see it happenin! Still haven't sorted a drop, the gaffers not up for payin to get rid so thats first job for mornin!
  12. cheers for rackin your brains fellas. Rang pj skips last week when we were down, they wanted about £10 a tonne to get rid of it for us. It's not my job, i'm just in on a day rate for a housing association. They're national but only have the one arb department based in lancs, hence the 300 mile journey at 3 this mornin!
  13. Hey folks, This coming week (commencing Monday 28th) I'm working in the Willingdon area of Eastbourne with a company I sub to and we could do with a place to drop some woodchip. Eastbourne is nearly 300 miles from home for us so obviously we can't take it back to base. If anybody can take it off our hands it'd be very much appreciated. Cheers Joe
  14. Hey Marko, Not promising anything but I might have a couple of days work for you in the near future. If you can PM me your number I'll be in touch if I can help you out. Cheers Joe
  15. I'd go with the making it look half organised idea but maybe try and get an early start on a sunday to minimise the disruption caused. If you try it during the week and start causing 8 mile tailbacks you might get ticketed or moved on. Other option would be to pay for proper traffic management set up. But if you do that there's a good chance someone else will undercut you and do it the half organised way. Good luck with it!


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