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  1. i actually love tinned fish but this was something else. Try it.
  2. We had kept the tin in the fridge for a couple of days until we were all there to try it. We think this might have kept the initial smell down as it didn’t seem as bad as on other videos of people trying it. However the lingering smell was bad, I had to scrub my hands 3 times. Ed poured some of the juice over jacks handlebars. Jack said people were gagging as he rode past them on his way home.
  3. We tried the stinky fish challenge. Anyone else fancy it? It’s a tin of Surstromming herring. https://youtu.be/9dvOSV6hGUc
  4. Hi all. ive had a look at the Arborgold software website. It looks impressive stuff. There are 4 different price plans you can choose from, I would think that the cheapest lacks enough features for my business. The second one seemed to have a lot of the features I'd require, this was $99 (£75ish). It jumps up to £112 then £134. This is a lot more than I'd like to pay. The system has a cad type feature that is , imo more suited to landscape designers. Wether this bumps the cost up, I'm not sure or wether this is the cost of this type of system and hence why Arbpro is shutting down. I'm still not sure of the way ahead.
  5. Is/was anyone using Arbpro for the quoting? Are there any replacement systems out there that anyone has heard of or used?
  6. We need a sub contract climber for on going work in or around Leek, north Staffordshire, Staffordshire moorlands. Pm for details or ring Kris 07976534780
  7. Hamps Valley ltd require a new employee. Either a groundsman or a trainee who wishes to learn climbing.. We are based in Leek, Staffs. Call Kris 07976534780
  8. kris turner

    My accident

    Sean, We don't know each other but from what I have read you seem to have the same chin up attitude as a lot of my old squaddie mates. It is a rare thing nowadays and something to be proud of. My wishes are for you to do well with your recovery, it's pretty mad the things they can do. As Winston Churchill said "when your going through hell, keep going" no one wants to get stuck there. Chin up mate.
  9. <p>i think ours may be to old for you. ours is 1979 u1000 that needs some tlc. i can send some pics if you want. it has got a tipper</p>

  10. Still got to sell it. Only just thought about it.
  11. Hi all. We are downsizing from our mog u1000, looking to get a LR tipper. Does anyone have any thoughts on what to look for..... 130 or 110, ready made tipper or get it done ourselves. Engine type, etc etc. any thoughts, good or bad experiences
  12. We all finished as tree surgeons are nails, but it'll be the last time I do it. Did it five years ago and I don't remember it being that cold but I am five years older. Hey ho! TOUGHGUY!
  13. Just thought it worth a mention. Tomorrow we are doing the Tough Guy race in Wolverhampton. The reason I thought it worth a mention is in our team there are 3 pairs of brothers, we are all tree surgeons who work for our own family businesses. This sort of thing must be quite unique to our trade. oh yeh we have called ourselves the TimberDicks :thumbup:
  14. Cheers again, all info is appreciated . I finish the FDsc Arb in June and I'm trying ti figure through some business plans and advertising for surveying and sub contracting. Run a tree contracting company (since 2003) with my brother but looking to break in surveying and consultancy
  15. You can't tell someone to do something your not prepared to do your self, common rule of life, if the person issuing the order to climb is not qualified to climb then the decision should be made by the most senior qualified person there
  16. Hi All. Just wondering what anyone charges for surveying. I realise that more trees costs more but for instance say up to ten trees?
  17. Got my self one the other day, haven't used it anger yet. Just a heads up though I got an extra bill from fed ex for £23 import tax which I have ignored for now, I'll let you know how it goes
  18. Just done a speed awareness course, 37 in a 30. Anyhoo I learnt that the legal limit for a transit on a national speed limit road is 50mph and 60mph on a duel carriageway. This was news to me, did anyone else know this?
  19. My bro and I have the seat options, think they're pretty good. However my bro hung the 66 on one of the side loops and it pulled the bottem of the loop out, looked like the stich had missed the plastic on the loop. We returned it and the bloke told us that the plastic loops around the harness are not tool loops but there to hang small things on. I personally think this is stupid, if the loops are there your going to use them. So watch out that you don't drop a saw on someone's head
  20. Hi. I got the new Buckingham at the apf, with seat as it was one of few that has the seat built in. Been using it a lot since then, very comfy but yes the bit of rope at the front looks a bit funny and worse when the krab slides of the end of the protective sheaf it gets stuck on the thiner rope. You have to lift your wait off a shimy the krab across. I don't know what the 2 little rubber gromits are supposed to do. I have taped the ends of sliding rope so that it is the same thickness as the sheaf and this works well. So now very happy with it
  21. If you want to save your back the best thing is a mewp
  22. Hi all. I'm looking to buy some gear for surveying but would like some thoughts on which gps, data collection device people use. Had a play on a digiterre unit which seams pretty good but had no other experience of them. I have heard you can get apps on your phone? Any help would be good. Cheers


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