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  1. We currently have two vacancies at Willco Tree Services Ltd based in Upper Hutt New Zealand. We are looking for a senior arborist/foreman to run one of our residential crews, check out our trade me listing here SENIOR ARBORIST/FOREMAN - Trade Me Jobs - New Zealand We are also looking for skilled climbers to join our team. If you are interested please send me your CV - craig@willco.co.nz
  2. 'Normal' AP is class 2, however a lot of people do an adjusted class 1 splice to make e2e cords and keep a high breaking load, e.g when I splice 'normal' AP I increase measurements to make buries longer, on average breaking strength about 1.8kn on straight break, doubled when used in hitch configurations as both eyes terminated to same point... hope this helps and make sense
  3. As Rich said, I also use one on my blaze lanyard, havent had any issues, although i am under the impression it would work better with a 10mm cord
  4. yeah definitely agree with ya on that one bro!
  5. hey drew, thanks for the info yeah was a bit brown when I pulled it out, even after a wash. Yeah just doing standard splice, thought it wasn't going to be too bad haha so much for that. So yeah going to be a bit of bitch to say the least, but will try a bit of olive oil this weekend and soaking it in water, will chuck some picks up when I get it done Cheers bro
  6. cheers drew. Ha speaking of blisters... decided i'd splice up a mates used velocity, still got about 3cm to bury but hands are recked, any tips to make it easier? I'm using rubber mallet to beat throat etc
  7. Cheers, that bandit looks good, have never spliced any whats it like?
  8. I've made a couple of loopie's out of amsteel blue 14mm. was using one as a re direct for a cable we were using to haul logs up a bank. Had a steel cable block as the redirect we were hauling up with a 12tonne digger... had the digger bouncing and the block broke, amsteel held strong!
  9. A rope guide I made up the other day
  10. haha its not all pines and mac's we got some nice trees up the Hutt Valley!
  11. A fulltime position has become available for a competent arborist/climber at Willco Tree Services in the Wellington region (New Zealand). We are after a good strong climber with abilities in large take down's/removal's etc and pruning works (crown lifting, reduction work etc). Class 2 license would be preferred. Send me a PM if your interested
  12. depends on how long you want your cord to be, check out the samson website, they have a pdf on how to work it out
  13. looking good! haha don't know about whipping been the best bit! most time consuming for me:lol:
  14. could possibly re-brace with cobra, and weight reduce main limbs, not necessarily reducing ends of branches back, but could thin canopy slightly to reduce weight and also minimise the amount of leaverage that wind creates. Also it dependent on the amount of decay that is present, the limbs may still be sound. Would be a shame to loose the tree all together. Like tony says, species doesn't like heavy pruning, but with the climate in taupo the tree may possibly cope with a full crown reduction perhaps 25%. Just my thoughts going off the photos


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