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  1. We worked some night shifts two years ago clearing stems etc left from a 2.8t Volvo and fae head. It was painfully slow and we spent most the night sleeping then spending half an hour catching up with it, come the Friday shift we sacked it of and got stuck in for an early finish!! Wasn't our job and was bought in through health and safety measures for dealing with blackthorn. It was a waste of time and money.
  2. Used to work in your area for a while and we were getting £32 hour for hedge cutting. As you say there's lots around there doing it already for the horsey folks. 180 horse is going to be awkward on a lot of those jobs as well, I was on a 100 horse and that was too big at times for a lot of the paddocks and lanes we cut. What size trimmer are you thinking of? The bigger cutters do need a decant tractor up front for stability.
  3. I pondered over this for a long time, the major issue I was worried about was traveling on the highway and the how it would travel in wet ground conditions.
  4. Mines been good on oil/ regent issues. Iv had problems with knackered shocks and springs at 60k, leaking rear diff seal and gearbox seal has now developed a leak at 80k. Isuzu didn't want to know, warranty doesn't stand. Local dealer can't supply filters there and then, 250 miles of a tank of fuel is appalling, too high geared and will want a clutch soon. Eats brakes, in 80k it's had 5 sets of pads, set of drums and discs. Granted it's worked hard but it's advertised as a work motor.
  5. Many thanks for the input. Amazed no ones been shouting about nokian? Will look into the klebers.
  6. Wouldnt say either to be honest, fencing in forestry, working flails on deveg sites and anything else in between. I'd prefer a heavy tyre that can cope with more abuse. Probably looking more towards a forestry tyre. I don't want to loose much width of the tyre though.
  7. Looking for a new set of rear tyres to replace some 600/65/38 (radials) Anybody have any experience good or bad with any brands in particular? I'm after a high ply rating although I'm worried about comfort due to doing a few road miles. They also need to be suitable for 50k. Thanks, Aaron
  8. Can anyone put me in touch with a trainer and assessor please. We've been told we need a minimum of nptc for a job but we're looking at doing the fmoc to be future proof. We're based in Midlands and can provide our own equipment etc. Any leads etc would be much appreciated. Aaron
  9. Don't buy a petrol one, you won't be able to leave the man killer at home!! Quickfencer are selling hydraulic versions which you can run of a power pack.
  10. I signed up couple of years back after they emailed me to become a subcontractor, got all signed up paperwork done and Iv never had a days work out of them. We do the snow ploughing though. I'm not sure if it's a strategy to get as many men on there books to help bid for work.
  11. Had a track motor go today on a 2008 model. Does anyone know where we can source an aftermarket one from? Also need a track roller, not sure if these are specific to greenmech machine or can be sourced else where? Any help appreciated!! Aaron
  12. Goatys bang on the money, it's small meterage.


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