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  1. Friday. See some of you around!
  2. Dream on... and on... and on... I'm in Evesham. Been asking for a local stockist for several years. Zero progress on it - the guys in Pershore aren't interested, ditto Honeybourne. Best option is to get it online. It's what I do.
  3. Well, I've cut several hundred tons using my Fiskars X27 and it's needed zero care! Still splitting superbly, however. It certainly doesn't need sharpening ever - a chipped, blunted edge works just fine
  4. ThrustSSC


    I just had the same, and sent it to Spud. It's back to it good old ways And the bill was somewhat less than a new saw - so yes, you don't get all those spare parts, but nor do you pay as much!
  5. Painfully well! The ones in the polytunnel have benefited enormously, and last night I popped into the field with the axe and chopped the rings I'd cut on Sunday - they were already getting to the "hard work to chop" stage. Never seen anything like it...
  6. You've got me on that one! But they do feel similar.
  7. The Cutter Pro ones are synthetic rather than leather, and hence last much, much longer in the wet...
  8. Cutter gloves also worth looking at for next time. I use the Pros and they're excellent.
  9. PS Changing the line was a doddle. It went through the various walls and fittings no problem - Husky provided the new one with chamfered ends which made it all so easy.
  10. Sorted, and thank you both once again. This was the problem:
  11. It's horses for courses. For me softwood has two significant drawbacks: 1) many of my customers lack storage space in their terraced house plots, so hardwood allows them to store more overall heat capability at one go 2) it reduces the delivered value from a full trailer, and my market is generally further from my base than for most folks - which makes this a factor that doesn't affect them but hurts me badly But it's good wood. Just not good for me/my customers!
  12. Brilliant - thanks, guys. I'll give it a go. Relieved I don't have to take the sodding thing apart to do the job Cheers, Jeremy
  13. Quick one, chaps... Anyone out there with experience changing the fuel line on a 576XP? How hard is it to do for a reasonably-competent person? Mine has spring a leak where it emerges from the tank and takes a sharp turn I'm just keen to make sure it's not a killer job before I order a replacement part. If it is, I guess it'll have to go to the local dealer's workshop


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