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  1. Hi, Yes I have a copy....and "slowly" digesting it...I'm trying to get my brains working on the "thins" being of percentages:confused1: and Crown reductions being on meter-age:confused1: a thin not being suitable when specifying a crown reduction ...you need to be a mathematician on the height to crown height reductions.....bloody hell I am ....still might get my head sorted when I speak to others on here about it
  2. Well said.....H&S is a vital part and being within the law....
  3. In my opinion......and ...its only my opinion,to which I am entitled to, from the original post,then no they should not:001_tt2:
  4. Tommer.....spot on mate.... Not all I agree, but lots of DRIVERS overload their 3.5tr's...not specifically tree workers.What about front and rear axle weights too? VOSA have no chance of stopping everyone who "look's" overloaded...If you get stopped tell them you are now on your way the weigh bridge to weigh the vehicle loaded up.....you might get away with it...might I said.:biggrin:
  5. "Oooop's" yeah forgot the 1.5m bit:blushing:
  6. My understanding is....in a C/A and over 750ml diam then you need permissions to carry out any work....thats if it is a C/A...not sure on the TPO front as everything within the C/A is covered by a "blanket" TPO... Only my understanding though....:001_huh:
  7. arbutus

    BBC 1 now

    God.....get me one of them thingies... you "STILL" 440'S '
  8. Never heard of that one!!!......NO chinstraps on the deck and NO petzl vertex too!!!!!....and from a NPTC Assessor Mmmmmmm:confused1:
  9. As all you guy's that have the IPAF ticket know .. you MUST not wear anything other than a fall arrest harness while working in a MEWP, you MUST not drop anything from the MEWP, you must not hold any timber into the MEWP, you MUST be on a short lanyard so as to not get thrown from the MEWP bucket....etc etc mesh guards and all that too!!!!.....the list is long in relation to MEWPS within the Arb industry, but as most of you know its about the risks / hazards and what controls you have put into place to manage these... Buy the way we use W/P harnesses ....We hold timber before dropping it to the ground...bring the saw into the bucket you know all the things you MUST not do!!!!! By the way I believe you do not even need an IPAF ticket to hire and use a platform that is assuming you can drive one be it on a 3.5 or greater/smaller .....only familiarisation training.....whats that all about!!!!.......
  10. Just one on your piccy Central Services....are you talking about your posting picture that needs work?....if so and its in a parkland then that only requires fencing off and leaving 2 tree length fall zone...would you not say....
  11. arbutus

    vermeer 935i

    Sorry guy's ( i've had a beer or 3) what i meant was if you are chipping on to a vehicle as well as towing the 931 then you need a LGV. As previously stated you will get what "people are willing to pay" for a piece of equipment they want...
  12. arbutus

    vermeer 935i

    You don't get too much woodchip IN a defender.... OK ,,,what i mean't was if you want to use it AND transport woodchip.... then you need a LGV AND TRUST ME I KNOW YOU DO!!!!
  13. arbutus

    vermeer 935i

    you need a LGV Class 1 to tow them ...thats a big problem really. Have used these for years...Sorry mate i'm not wanting to sound "funny" about the kit you are showing i'm just stating what i DO know about this particular machine. We have had 4 or 5 of them in the past and they are as stated a good machine. Hope you get good $$$ for it.
  14. arbutus

    vermeer 935i

    Not wanting to sound too detrimental but it looks a bit of a "dinosaur".... the problem you have most is the towing of a machine that weighs that much and what you have to tow it with...!!!


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