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  1. Just off the back off my own experiments I found that a air dried log of the same size and species last 5-10 minutes longer, and that Holm oak gives of a lovely flame and lasts longer then beech, ash, English oak and apple, but I want to know what you think? And as far as I know there’s been no test done on this
  2. Okay let me explain, last longer means which method of drying wood of the same species will last longer burning in a fire ( as it is a firewood forum) there was no mention of wet wood, personally I believe that air dried logs have more guts ( last longer) then kiln dried logs and I believe that Holm oak at 20% will last then any other wood but I want other people’s opinions
  3. 1. If you had the exact same size log and species e.g a beech log 10 inches by 4 inches but one kiln dried and one naturally air dried both at 20% moisture which would last longer? 2, if you had all hardwoods and Are dried to 20% which would last the longest?
  4. Anyone got seasoned hardwood logs for sale? I’m based in Wimbledon but will travel, at the moment I’m buying about 2000-4000 a week but my suppliers are running low, I can only take 1200 logs a time
  5. Just wondering if anyone can help I’m looking for Apple or pear logs cut to 10 inches in length, I want 1000 logs to start with, don’t mind if it’s either or both mixed and it’s for next winter so no rush, cheers Barry
  6. C only everything mixed together never had any complaints. Variety is the spice of life. BARRY AYRES - Home
  7. Just had my best ever day. I was out from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm delivering and loads sold in the yard. BARRY AYRES - Home
  8. I think more and more people are having stoves fitted. Even though it's been mild I'm well up on log sales this winter but what I have noticed is the log orders are smaller amounts but I'm going to more address and everyone has log stores in there front garden. I don't think people are using burners for heat but because it is trendy. BARRY AYRES - Home
  9. Holm oak with out a doubt. Lasts all night and throws out more heat that what you think. BARRY AYRES - Home
  10. I'm getting busier but it still ain't turned cold yet and the good thing is a lot of the boy's trying to earn some beer money are no where to be seen this winter and I'm getting there customers! BARRY AYRES - Home
  11. Considering how mild it's been I'm actually up on this time last year but I've noticed customers are having smaller orders but I'm getting loads of new customers. BARRY AYRES - Home
  12. I sell my logs by the hundred but I get roughly 300 logs to a cube it's mixed hard and soft wood and it's £102 delivered,carried and stacked but I deliver in London and Surrey. BARRY AYRES - Home
  13. 8" by 5" is by far my most popular but I do nets of chogs which are just off-cuts and are probably about 4" by 2" and I'm selling lots for smaller stoves and chimineas in the summer and I sell a few large logs that are 16" long. BARRY AYRES - Home
  14. all my logs are delivered,carried and stacked thats in the price! i love it when someone says just chuck them down there mate! BARRY AYRES - Home


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