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  1. Cooper ST MAXX - very good tyres. Good on and off road.
  2. We have both - the copies do the job and are sensible money. The genuine Tirfors are amazing though. The are properly over engineered and feel like they are indestructible.
  3. Ditch windows and microsoft office and go for ubuntu + libre office. Free and loads better.
  4. Don’t go too big. I have run a 158 cm flail on my AGT835 and it only just manages it. When it hits rough stuff it tends to slow down and you have to go slow. I am thinking about swapping for a smaller one maybe 132 cm.
  5. We use these. Cheap, comfortable and last OK. Oregon Yukon chainsaw trousers Type A | F R Jones and Son
  6. I know what you mean. Its when you spot things like this it gets really bad.... 1976 LAND ROVER 101 Forward Control | eBay
  7. Ty Unnos

    110 Tipper.

    I think that if the V5 says 3500KG you just need to get a replacment VIN plate made up to match? VIN-PLATES :: Replacement vehicle identification number plates for land rovers.
  8. Have a look here: Logging Equipment | Clark Forest You should be able to make up what ever you need.
  9. Have a search for 'Wolf Wheels'. I think they are the strongest wheels avaliable for a land rover. The geniune land rover ones are fitted to army 'wolf' land rovers and HD 130's. They claim to be rated to 2200Kg each! But not sure about that one.
  10. I run a 200tdi 110. Pulls my trailer with tractor on no problem. Its got 170K on the clock and is showing no signs of slowing down.
  11. Our new 'into the woods' truck. It is an ex-mod V8 with a transit tipper conversion. Pretty much everything on it is falling to bits but the v8 sounds awesome!
  12. As the wood is in Wales you need to speak to NRW: Natural Resources Wales / What you can do will very much depend what the SSSI is for. Some are broad and cover a wide area and others are very site specific. You will need to talk to NRW and agree whatever work you want doing to make sure it does not damage the SSSI features. On the plus side there could be funding available if your work will enhance the SSSI.
  13. This is what they cost new: Vahva Jussi Tractor ATV Quad Bike Forestry Timber Crane Trailer | eBay
  14. Is this the sort of thing? I was planning to fit one to my tipper. Do tools really get broken when you tip? Van Vault Tipper Tool Storage Security Box
  15. I will contact you by PM. Both winners need to make the required donations to the children's trust and then email the confirmation email to Steve. He will then arrange for the prizes to be sent out.


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