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    <p>Hi Tom,</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Have come back to you on your PM!</p>

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    <p>Hi Spud! </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>The old ms390 you fixed for me is still going strong, now in France with my dad! </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>My ms660 has just seized solid, no idea why, the fuel is the same as I always mix. No warning just spluttered and died. Now solid. </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Plug out reveals a scored top part of the cylinder, that I can see. </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Would I be able to send her to you please? Full works, rebuild, port and exhaust open up. I've just yesterday collected my 3120xp so the 660 probably knew she was being phased out!! </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Let me know if your able to help and send me your address again and I'll get it boxed up.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Cheers </p>



  3. Firelighters

    contact Logs Direct, if you speak to Emma or Liz i am sure they will be able to help you. They do trade prices on all products. By Phone Product and Order Helpline: 01524 812476 (Mon - Fri 8am till 5pm) 0845 5203333 (after 5pm and weekends) Contact Us By Mail Logs Direct Ltd. Brooklands Farm Addington Road Halton Lancaster LA2 6PG Seasoned firewood logs for Lancashire and Cumbria : Contact Us
  4. which hakki pilke to buy

    How much was it Ben?
  5. Hydraulic powerpacks / logsplitter

    At max RPM/LPM it runs my small 10 ton jobbie very fast, fast enough that the ram gets so hot you can feel it on your face as you work! Not great for the ram seals i know but its very effective. My huge home made beast also runs very fast and has great power, suspect its around the 25 - 30t mark. Its down to flow and pressure, the 60lpm dual pump is 3000psi (i think) so it has flow and pressure needed to run larger rams.
  6. Hydraulic powerpacks / logsplitter

    I have a 60l per min pack running 12hp Loncin 390cc - Honda clone - home built with stuff bought from flowfit. Do a quick search on my threads, I have listed the full spec and cost.
  7. Rough terrain pallet truck

    owch thats a **** load of money!
  8. What model saw is this?

    This is a nice looking chainsaw, but I was not sure which model it is?
  9. Have you got any logs left ??

    All our oil fuel products are shipped in so our fuel is more expensive than the mainland. Some of our gas is piped in from Ireland I think. It's a great place to live so there are some things we have to put up with. Namely the 35miles of water between us and the mainland is going to have an effect on the cost of some items we use. The number of tons of coal used monthly on our island is staggering, all of which is shipped in. I am aiming to give people an option and offering alternatives to coal. That said I've just bought 6 tons of columbium trebles.... Lol
  10. Have you got any logs left ??

    Isle of Man, a large chunk of our firewood has to be imported from the mainland. Our forests are all larch and spruce bur because its been sold unseasoned for so long it's got a bad reputation locally. Plus it's nigh on impossible to get a felling license, god knows who's hand you have to cross with silver! Buying timber from our forestry board makes me feel violated, all they need is a mask! I can buy cut and split hardwood logs by the ton on the mainland for only £20 more per ton more than I can buy softwood cordwood locally!!! It just makes no sense at all. I bought and collected every bit of hardwood I could locally all year and its just not enough. Only thing we are left with now is the KD hardwood. It's expensive and my margin even at £140 a bag is slim but its a superb product.
  11. Have you got any logs left ??

    Dont forget I have £90 shipping on every crate/pallet and can only get two bags of seasoned on a pallet. so £45 per bag of that goes direct to the shipping company... There are better margins on the kiln dried because i split one crate into 3 bags. I was left waiting this summer for 25ton shipments of hardwood logs, i wanted to bring over 75tons or three loads. Didnt end up getting one load till December, which will be great for next year. So now I am left selling premium products with thin margins, not that i am complaing! quite the opposite :-) However, not putting all my eggs in one basket this spring though... so if anyone in the northwest wants to fill bulk trailers for me in April give us a shout! ;-)
  12. Have you got any logs left ??

    I sold out of seasoned 1st week of December, been selling what i can buy in which is 2-3 yr seasoned hardwood, kilndried logs by the 2cbm crate and briquettes. Think i have managed to score some more 2-3yr seasoned hardwood but its pretty pricey so it will be selling at £140 per 0.7 cube which is what i also sell the kiln dried at. I am currently totally out of stock of everything awaiting delivery of another artic trailer of goodies to be put on the ferry on the 2nd! Been nice to have a bit of a break though. I have also got my eye on some Colombian trebles which is supposed to be the best coal going, does anyone have any experience with coal? I can also get my mits on russian doubles which is considerably cheaper.
  13. wood stove eco fan

    Replacement Motor kits are £12, but after a week of use it shouldn't be giving you problems. Mines been spinning happily for a year now.
  14. wood stove eco fan

    You can buy replacement motors etc. I'm an agent so could get you spares if you like.
  15. Do you deliver wet logs?

    They dont stay in stock long enough...


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