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  1. Ive came across a 044 that wasnt running. Had a look over it and i noticed when i had the carb off and looked inside the jug that whenever i pulled it over i could only see the side of the piston and not the head/rings. Is this normal? There was no smell of fuel in the cylinder once i took the carb off. Looks like some stripped it right fown and rebuilt with an aftermarkey piston. Havent done a compression test yet.
  2. I haven't changed anything on it since I've bought it, it's only on its 3rd chain lol I'll get cracking at it tonight and see what the crack is
  3. Unfortunately my ms181 has ended it on my bench I've had it for 5 years from brand new, never skipped a beat until today! It was running fine all day until I started again it just started dying out in the wood, it wanted to die out so I gave it loadsa quick blips to get it at the top end just for it to die out again. Spark plug was a light biscuit brown with some slight white tinge, I've never touched the carb settings from factory. So I left it for awhile, she would fire up on choke but when switched to half choke it would just die out. Any ideas?
  4. STIHL Workshop Service Manual Chainsaw MS200 MS200T | eBay
  5. Used 260 for years and loved it. Two 261s in the workplace now and no good reports about them. Been using a 550xp and wouldn't rate it that great! It needs choked even when you set it down for 5 mins. If I had a choice it would definitely be the 241!
  6. ...and let the flame ignite!
  7. I vote for iPad as well. Also worth noting that you can get your staff to upload to Dropbox or something similar at the end of each day that way you have access to everything even if your iPad fails(which is unlikely). Uploading via 3G networks.
  8. Any lift/movement done correctly with proper form shouldn't cause any problem given that joint health is good prior.
  9. Thanks. It's my dad's 33year old lawn mower and didn't want to wreck it on him. There's about a third of a tank of straight in it so I'm happy enough to go ahead
  10. Hi guys as the title says, is it ok to run 50:1 mixed petrol in a lawn mower that takes straight petrol? Thanks
  11. Slip a letter through the door
  12. On an MS260 I used to get two tanks of oil to a tank of petrol using Stihl synthetic oil.
  13. I'm gunning for Dryads Saddle. Thickening of the trunk a sign that the tree is coping and compensating.
  14. Cost effective, great to learn on and very reliable/basic.
  15. Came across a tree similar to this once but never got to climb it. 'Twas in a garden near power line. Thorns all over it, looked like a disaster lol


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