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  1. Thanks for your help, how serious do you think this is, the tree is huge beside a very busy road and lots of houses around but it looks to be healthy...
  2. Found this on a Scots pine(I think) any idea what it is? Tree looks healthy....
  3. Thanks for your replies just wish there was a way for all our ground saws to run the same chain....
  4. Defo have not buggered off! I think the ms261 would struggle with a 3/8th chain but maybe this is the solution, has anyone got any experience putting a 3/8 chain on a ms261? Thanks for your replies.
  5. Hello, Trying to just have one type of chain running on all our ground saws which are ms261's and ms500i's is this possible would ideally like to .325 on the 500i but finding it difficult to find any info about how to go about doing this and even if that's safe/possible. Thanks Jeff.
  6. Hi we dropped our baby saw and I'm struggling to reassemble the handle/throttle does anyone have a workshop manual they could PM me. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, title says it all I'm looking for a climber in Glasgow just a couple of days here and there. Please private message me and I will give you a call. Thanks Jefg
  8. Hi we have a small site clearance in dalkeith, our usual tractor needs some work and is unavailable. Is any one avaible to help. Also we have some hedge work to be done. Thanks Jeff.
  9. We have a job in next week in Belfast, its a site clearance we are looking for someone to take everything that we cant throw through our chipper (greater than 8"). Anyone available with a forestry trailer or forwarder etc. Thanks. Jeff.
  10. Thanks everyone for your help think its sorted now just putting this up for anyone else who ever has this problem. It appears the gap between the sensor and flywheel is wrong should be about the thickness off a pound coin (our jensen is approx 10yrs old has the orange capped sensor). Also the blades if not sharpened at the correct 2 angles or if badly damaged can cause this problem. Once again thanks:)
  11. Hi just at the end of the day our chipper started using anti stress mode if you understand what I mean. Even 1" diameter stuff gets pulled through like it is 6" big. Any ideas what it could be? Going to try to fix it tomorrow hopefully. Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. Thanks for help, yeah put nothing bigger than 2 inch through it. Think it's a fuse where the ignition is, have checked hydraulic fluid but will put a little more in as we slightly underfill it because it seems to make a right mess, and Mason Chippers told us it would not damage it. Thanks again everyone:)
  13. Will check all the lights, bit worrying all of this....
  14. Thanks for reply, how important is it to have the anti stress working can we still use the Chipper?
  15. Just a quick question how does the anti stress work on the chipper. I recently replaced the solenoid to the right of the hopper there is a little thumb screw which I have to screw all the way in to get the roller to rotate at full speed. Ive noticed that the chipper never slows down now on the big stuff little worried that this might be damaging the chipper.... The solenoid was replaced because a fuse kept blowing near the ignition and redwood said to replace the solenoid. Thanks in advance.


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