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  1. After a milling saw for sale

    saw is sold. thank you pete ;-)
  2. After a milling saw for sale

    bump... with the for sale section now gone, I don't know if this is allowed here anymore, if not, a moderator can delete it. stihl chainsaw ms880 | eBay
  3. After a milling saw for sale

    I have an ms880 for sale that I am putting on ebay tonight. comes with a 36" bar, and a new granberg milling chain. also has a new unused HD2 filter. selling seperately a new 48" stihl bar, and a 48" alaskan mill.
  4. carving living trees

    simple fact is mate, ever since another criticised bodges work, and I tried to expound on that in case he was made to feel bad, it had the opposite effect, and ever since he has been behaving like a little bitch with a skinned knee towards me. and im a bit tired of it. ages ago, i mentioned this forum to a timber merchant, and he threw his head back and laughed. im starting to understand why. i dont come to make enemies, but if a man cant give a solid opinion, without it turning into playground antics, which is always does - he's gonna make them sometimes. And I can live with that. and on that note. continue squabbling amongst yourselves. Im gonna chat to the wife, who ive not had an argument with in the 12 years we've been married. and tomorrow, a good hearty laugh with that timber merchant.
  5. carving living trees

    shall I? naa.. choosing between cascamite or PU right now, is far more important than sewing circle politics & allegiances (cluck cluck cluck)
  6. carving living trees

    You know mr, there is a very fine line with things for me. Its just not what I would personally do. I know this forester, he lives for razing woods to the ground. when he is not at work, all he is interested in doing is killing things. if there was a 1500yr old yew in the way of where he wanted to put a chicken shed, it would come down. the other camp - those silly hippies who live in trees and say they should never be touched, protesting about roads being built - but they'd be the first to whine when their tofu didnt arrive in the supermarket. I sit mid-way. i take a practical approach to life. I dont see the point in doing damage when I dont have to. call me phlegmatic. the other side of the coin i guess, is a "specialist" will always find a way to justify his actions. Well im not one of those either, im happy in my ignorance and not carving live
  7. carving living trees

    he knew the camera was on him too.. quality pilot none the less.
  8. carving living trees

    do you fly? sorry to go off topic, here's a bit of footage from yesterday (iphone when not in the air), and a totally masterful bit of handling from someone at the end... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIRhDUmVH18]queens jubilee? no thanks.. - YouTube[/ame]
  9. carving living trees

    make it look as good as that, and i'll tip my hat to you. game on?
  10. First woodwork attempt, rifle stock.

    chestnut !
  11. Latest unconventional chair

    aye, gets a little like a sewing club sometimes, but thats the british way (fortunately im irish). constructive criticism is a tuff one, its hard to say what you feel, people often take it wrong and sensibilities are often fragile - you could be giving a view on how you see it, and they'll take it as a personal slight. Most here aren't professional / trained, myself included (crap climber to house renovator), we're just doing our thing. I think be proud of your work and not be precious about it, the next thing you build will probably be better anyway..
  12. Yet another curvy abstract

    seldom a truer word spoken
  13. First woodwork attempt, rifle stock.

    didnt read the post properly.. parana pine is a 2nd longshot
  14. First woodwork attempt, rifle stock.

    attempt? that is super nice mate.. long shot, zebrano?
  15. carving living trees

    your call. ive said all i wanna say on the matter.. nice pants


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