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  1. max301

    Fungi ID

    Hello Gents, Got the DNA test back from the lab and this funghi was Xerocomellus chrysenteron..... Thank you for your time, help and effort in this matter
  2. max301

    Fungi ID

    Hello David, Thank you for your time and suggestions. As soon as I know more I will report back
  3. max301

    Fungi ID

    HI, No this was growing within 100mm of the Scots Pine stem. I also thought of Dryads Saddle but dismissed it because of the host. I have considered Dark Honey Fungus.. I'm pretty sure my client is happy to go for a dna test so hopefully I will have the answer soon.
  4. max301

    Fungi ID

    Hi David, My guess was Dyers Mazegill although I am no expert on fungi so was just going through a process of elimination. My peer stabbed a guess at Dryads saddle although I doubt this because of the host....
  5. max301

    Fungi ID

    Hello People, Anybody got any ideas on the ident of this fungi found around the base of a Scots Pine?? I have recommended DNA testing for the client involved due to the target area of the tree in question, but would still be interested in peoples opinions. I have my own hunch however when I showed it to a peer he came out with an unexpected alternative.
  6. We are seeking a junior climber and a competent groundsman to join our busy team in Kent. We carry out a range of domestic & commercial contracts and work every day Monday - Friday. This position would suit someone new to climbing who wants to hone their climbing skills with a view to being a team leader in the future. Wage dependent on age & experience. Half hearted drifters need not apply Please email acutaboveonline@hotmail.co.uk A Cut Above Tree Services Ltd. - professional tree services / tree surgeon based in Kent
  7. We are a busy company based in NW Kent seeking reliable, competent and motivated staff for regular work. For more information either call Boyd on 07930509632 Email - acutaboveonline@hotmail.co.uk A Cut Above Tree Services Ltd. - professional tree services / tree surgeon based in Kent
  8. We are seeking a reliable / competent groundsman to join our team with an immediate start for the right applicant. The post would also suit someone aiming to become a climber. Anyone interested please send a cv to acutaboveonline@hotmail.co.uk or contact us on 07930509632. acutabovetreeservices.co.uk
  9. A Cut Above Tree Services Ltd are seeking a junior/trainee climber to join our busy team working in the North West Kent area. Requirements - enthusiasm, positive attitude, politeness, initiative, team player. Wage dependent upon qualifications and experience. Applicants should send a cv to - acutaboveonline@hotmail.co.uk A Cut Above Tree Services Ltd. - professional tree services / tree surgeon based in Kent
  10. I'm signed up for this years course as well so will see you guys there. I'll be driving up from Rochester in kent every week..... Like being back on the ten weeker
  11. max301

    Helmet cams

    I agree the quality is pretty good on the regular x170..plenty of footage on you tube
  12. max301

    Helmet cams

    I've used the Drift X170 for a while and had no problems with it at all. It has some useful features and also the noise of the saw doesn't distort or become ear piercing when played back (which i believe some other cams have a problem with). It has a good field of view and the picture quality is good. I believe that you loose some picture quality if you put it on a big screen/tv. The quality when played back on a laptop is fine. You can also take HD still shots with the camera using a wristwatch device which i think is pretty cool... One of my friends has an oregan one and he thought the quality of mine was better....
  13. Hi I'm a co-owner of a small but busy company operating in NW Kent(mostly). We are struggling under a heavy work load so are potentially looking for a freelance climber or a sub contractor to help us plough through in the new year. Much of our work is for local authorities so please only apply if you are health and safety conscious and have your equipment loler registered etc. contact 07930509632


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