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  1. Hi, Arb-Aero, im a chainsaw carver in mid Devon. Im interested in buying this WRC. Where are the trees location? Dan
  2. Im intersested as a carver. Where is devon is the wood? Do you have any pics showing end cuts? Dan
  3. i used Straight veg oil from supermarkets for two years without too much trouble. Im a carver and use saws from ms660 down to 27cc echo. No problem with over heating carving bars either. only problems that ive had that could be linked with using veg oil are. ms200 overheated poss due to gunk oil buildup on cooling fins. Echo cs270wes oil pump worm gear worn out. I made quite a saving over the years using veg oil so not so bothered about the odd oil pump replacement. I now use mineral oil on small horizontal stroke saws as they are a bitch to keep fins clean. I cant see any harm in using veg oil in mid- large saws. Just blow off saws after use and if keep for weeks unused then flush out system before storing.
  4. thanks for that. Any idea where i can find an inspector in West Herts?
  5. Im looking into buying a secondhand ifor williams trailer with small 1ton hiab retro fitted. im a sole trader and wondered if i need a LOLER inspection/cert for this crane? can u help folks?
  6. looks good to me. That one's deffinatly not a fire wood flower.
  7. thanks Stigwood. Is that Great missendon area? is a bit far but not out off the question. so will get in touch if nothing nearer comes up. Ta
  8. Hi. im a full time chainsaw carver in need of a yard/farm/estate etc to carve at and have a small secure workshop/shed/shipping container for storing tools/finished carvings etc. Need vehical access and about 20ft x 20ft ish to carve and store timber. Saws are noisy and dusty as u all now but even more so when carving so needs to be away from houses etc. If someone has a bit of spare room in there yard and would benefit from extra income and the added security of having a saw wielding thief deterant around, than let me know. Thanks oh and i live in WD4 Kings Langley,Herts so nearer there the better.
  9. Tommys a friend and a great new talent on the scene. I mainly use teak oil and sometimes a few coats of danish on top if i need a bit more of a shine. what ever oil u use its better than none to help replace lost moisture, slow drying and reduce cracks.
  10. hi all, just wanted to say hi. im new to this site. probably know a few peeps or at least meet at shows. been carving at the last 3 APF. 6 x at Sculptree , 2 x english open etc. attached a few pics to show. Eagle was my APF winning carve this year. Shark attach is one that still makes me smile. i carved this at Sculptree in 2003. The bench is my most recent carve. hope they inspire and let me know if i can help with any tech or other Q's regarding carving. Dan P.s. anyone know how u put a pic up on the left under ya profile name?


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