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  1. Anyone got a 090 tank gasket in the shed ???????
  2. my husky climbing saw wont pickup rev's dies when blip throttle. Then will rev at hi rev's perfect then wont idle Ippossible to work with, drives me mad !!!!!! The balance is perfect and plenty of power when it works been told it is an air leak , but where ?? any idea ?
  3. It is too dear compared to a can a petrol and two stroke mix. If comparable price or cheaper would buy all the time
  4. Blo Norton, Norfolk !!!!!!!!
  5. Decent lowering rope- splice on crane end or bowline. timber hitch the other end cut a few testers- if the bells ring in cab too heavy !!! wont learn till you do it !!!!!!! Remember to keep the load balanced and not to many jerks ...
  6. £300 and fuel and i will do it next week !!!!!!!!
  7. Someone nicked my pickup off the private drive of a customer while i was 60ft up a tree. Hidden the keys under front wheel, the bastards were watching- they opened two 5 bar gates, I heard truck start and watched it drive off. Luckily saws were off the back but nicked everything else. Green pickup l200 Y196 GHY ex national trust. scruffy passenger door... On first of feb 2011 It is the damage it does to your life not the truck itself...
  8. Cut and chuck into river- then chog down all the way if neccessary easy climb....... Put a decent amount on it, take longer to clear up than get tree on floor. Did some elms years ago on canal bank, boss hired tracked wheel barrow, had tons of firewood out of it, burnt the brash on the bank small fires. Happy to come and put it on the floor for you pm me- for the right price..
  9. i climb the same way as I did whenI as 17 now 42. Prusic knot 3 strand marlow rope eye slice in one end and butt splice in the other, which i buy at the local chandlers.Use old rope to make chainsaw strops. Sit harness Generally free climb to to top of tree, rope in and get on with the tree work !!! Its not the climbing that earns the money, is the cutting !! spent years stripping not needed gear off students.... exhaustion is the killer
  10. Not really negative, just wondered why long as you enjoy, earn money and have fun and didn't break anything that all that matters maybe at 43 I am used to a simpler system good luck
  11. Yep what ever happened to good old "cut and chuck" Those that Do -DO, Those who can't do -TEACH, Those who cannot Do or Teach become Health & Safety Officers...................Always been the same Good vid but taking a tree down does not need to be such a technical job- One climbing rope , Prusik knot, Harness and a couple of chainsaws Used to sub-contract to STS everying on peace work, best way to learn if you were too slow couldn't earn a living
  12. Has anyone got an exhaust for 090 Best ringing up saw ever invented !!!!!!!!!
  13. Any one got an exhaust for 090 stihl Use it for ringing up never found a better saw........ And What are the best earmuffs on the market
  14. HI Vikki Can you give me a call too please 07956169541 john


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