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  1. No longer looking, Thanks.
  2. Hi, my names James, I am 30 years old and currently working in commercial arboriculture as a crew leader. I'm seeking work with an alternative employer within the Surrey area. I'm looking to take a prolonged break from climbing due to a variety of circumstances, so I am looking for groundsman work. I have 4/5 years experience in both commercial and domestic arb as well as 6 months experience surveying highways trees for a local authority. I have a Level 3 City & Guilds in Arboriculture CS30, 31, 38, 39, first aid, chapter 8 streetworks supervisor card I am looking for full time groundie work either self-employed or PAYE. I am based in Godalming and have my own transport so I'm willing to travel for the right employer and wage. You will find me to be a hardworking, trustworthy and methodical worker. I haven't had a sick day in around 3 years. I don't smoke and I am a very healthy fitness enthusiast. Please PM me on here or email jamesfowlerhere@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. I lift weights 4-5 times a week, cycle to work and do a bit of running - I try to focus on my weaknesses more. I'm genetically small and skinny so lift weights to get stronger. I eat pretty well too.
  4. Think I'm the mouthy git in my crew... I agree with the not being too much like pals. Be friendly but firm. If someone not pulling their weight, speak to them once. If it happens again speak to the boss. I don't think you have to be the greatest climber, I know I'm not, but I'm patient and can talk to people. It always looks good if you're the one that does the horrible ivy covered trees. Most people seem more willing to work hard if they see you doing it.
  5. It gets easier and things that would have phased you in your early days begin to seem less daunting. You will still get that fear but if you're stubborn and determined you can push on past that. Someone mentioned lack of sleep - if I'm tired I definately don't feel as comfortable in the tree. I also sing bad pop tunes or talk to myself much like other people. I would suggest rather than taking a backseat and letting other people climb, you set yourself some goals and say "I'm going to climb 3 times this week", pick some set days and then when you turn up at work you know that whatever tree you get to, you have to do it, not someone else. Tell the other lads at work so they can be onboard with you. Take your time and don't worry how long things take. Don't let anyone rush you or feel under pressure. If the job doesn't get finished, it's not always the climbers fault.
  6. I've emailed around ten companies, half of which were hiring. Had one response so far. They are going to look into whether they can employ a foreign national or not. I've also emailed the Western Chapter of the ISA to see how feasible it is for me to be able to work once I get there. Thanks for the help / suggestions so far guys
  7. Not far wrong. Agriculture and predominantly agriculture related to livestock farming is one of the worst things for the environment.
  8. Literally watched this film about 3 days ago! Stay classy
  9. My lovely lady has landed a job based near San Diego and it all hinges on whether I can go with her. Her place of work has offered her a H1B visa, which would make her able to work, but not me unfortunately. Are there any San Diego tree companies looking for staff that might be willing to offer visa sponsorship or help with getting a work visa? I have... Level 3 City & Guilds qualification in Forestry and Arboriculture All relevant chainsaw/climbing tickets (CS30,31, 38, 39, Chipper) 3-4 years experience in both residential and commercial arb work 6 months experience doing tree inspections for a local authority I'm currently working as a crew leader on a council highways contract for a large UK firm I'm really really funny, I like to work hard, I can untangle throw lines, I make a brilliant packed-lunch Any advice or information would be appreciated, would be great to hear from someone who has made a similar move. Please PM me, I need to know whether this is going to be possible! Thanks, James
  10. Play drums in punk bands and have done for a fair amount of time, cooking, weightlifting/running
  11. Alright Kieran. I started my career around the same age as you. Phone around your local companies first of all, see if anyone will let you come in and do a day or twos work for free/cheap dragging brash (smaller firms will be more likely to agree to this initially). Turn up, work hard, watch and learn and stay safe/out the way initially. If you like it, book on to a course to get your tickets (not sure what they're called now, but CS30,31 and 38 to start with), then see if you can get a job as a groundsman somewhere. Pay won't be great at first but as you progress it will get better. In my experience the bigger firms are more willing to pay for you to do courses etc, so they should be first port of call - also I have found people have more time to show you things at larger companies and you will get more of a chance to climb.
  12. Hi! My names James, I'm 29 and I'm relocating to the Surrey-area at the end of July this year. Therefore I will be looking for work within one hours driving radius of Godalming (where the lady will be working). I'm not averse to any kind of work involving trees, I just like to be working outside. I have... CS30, 31, 38, 39, Chipper, First Aid, CSCS. City & Guilds Level 3 Forestry & Arboriculture (2012). A few years experience doing domestic work. A years experience doing predominantly commercial work. 6 months experience doing inspections for a local authority. Full clean driving license (with experience of driving a Unimog and Transits towing chippers less than 750KG) and own transport. Own PPE. I am preferably looking for something PAYE, but will consider subbing a few days a week for nice people and try to pick up additional days elsewhere. I don't have a climbing kit at the moment (I was PAYE in my last place of work), but can sort this before I move if required. If you have any other questions you can send me a message on here or email me at jamesfowlerhere@gmail.com. Thanks! James
  13. I'm from Coventry originally so everywhere is nicer. Sounds like Alderhot might be alright then!


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