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  2. Hello Pinkfoot, Thought I would add a similar attachment of myself budding. From your vid I would assume that you also do rose budding as well. I am sure that we get the same result from tree budding but we do it the opposite way round to each other. Hope this attachment works. [ame] [/ame]
  3. TPO Protects tree and its roots. Van parking on roots compacting ground. ground compaction damages roots. No parking ?
  4. Typical of colleges, charge the full rate for the courses and cut costs on instructors, then claim they are the top notch college. Colleges used to be centres of excellence. Now they are businesses. Quality is bottom of the pile. Rant over
  5. The boss man at Medway Slings is very knowledgeable when it comes to LOLER and he is fully qualified, he also has a strong arb background, so no problem there. There are two Andy's who train at Kingswood, they are good as well. I could also do it so long as you don't need it done to soon.
  6. Apparently there is an outbreak of Oriental Sweet Chestnut Gall Wasp in Kent, supposed to be on BBC south east tonight @ 6.30.
  7. where are you in kent ? Has it got a free flow return ?
  8. Gollum


    Yes they should.
  9. Gollum


    If the equipment only has a ce mark / en number As this is a piece of recreational mountaineering equipment, so has now become a piece of work equipment subject to LOLER it becomes subject to the requirements of Reg 7 (Marking). The equipment must be marked with safe working loads
  10. I have the operators manual for that model. if you are interested in a copy


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