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  1. All stoves regardless of how efficient emit particulates. Alycidon mentions a low emission one above, but this is new and state of the art. As such is not representative of what is out there, so regardless of local fuel supply, proper seasoning, best stove practises etc etc etc we are still contributing to emissions so they wont support them. I say all that as someone producing my own hot water & heating in the winter with a wood burner, albeit an efficient one and have done the whole super-insulation thing to the house so demand is low. My fuel all comes from within a 1/4 mile radius. These factors combined with the fact that all energy supply has issues mean that I intend to carry on for the time being as is.
  2. You mean french to the east as well as French to the south? ?
  3. Being a little modest - no mention of the chainsaw ?
  4. Badger - think Felix has already covered that one ?
  5. Fair play, how are the feet ?? Recon you can squeeze your boot manufacturers for a sizable donation which can go on their advertising budget ?
  6. When measuring moisture, always best to measure on a freshly split piece rather than on the outside of a piece off the stack which is susceptable to daily changes in the humidity, wind blown rain, bright sunshine etc etc - apologies if this is stating the obvious. Also find that using wood that has been near the fire for a few days means it is that bit drier, although this does mean having the space to rotate a few days worth.
  7. If you are just wanting to add value to what is essentially a waste product at the moment and you want to do it occassionally as a sideline to your day job then the cheapest option seems to be a chainsaw mill. If it is going to be something more full time then Big J clearly has some good advice and numbers to consider.
  8. Sadly its going to be a long time before this sort of thing moves out of the canals & onto the high seas. As for the big box boats - until the demand to ship 'stuff' around the world drops significantly these will continue to ply their trade. Most of the crap they have on board is only there because people have been persuaded by some marketing types hired by someone who wants to make loadsa money that we absolutely must have it, when we really need very little of it at all and what we do need is probably as easily provided locally.
  9. Think you will be requested for some pictures of the situation before anyone will venture any advice
  10. might be wrong, but am under the impression the Husqvarna stuff is re-branded Aspen. Can anybody confirm. Out of curiosity, how do prices compare?
  11. You must be a nutter - so you'll fit right in with the rest of em. ?? Hope the boots are comfy !! Will sling a few quid your way when I get home
  12. Perhaps they read these pages and thought they had better sort it ..........
  13. And why steel beams are often clad in timber to extend survivability of the building to the required time.
  14. Another one who has been doing the house for too many years ? Best advice I can give is take a bit of time to come up with a plan - think again and make sure you are happy with the plan then look into how you are going to achieve the plan. Factor in future plans - even if you cant afford them now, you can at least put in the prep work while things are in pieces. If you plan to sell on eventually, keep that in mind - not everybody will agree with your ideas Once that is done, head down and crack on, dont change the plan endlessly - it gets expensive and life gets complicated ? Push through and get it done and then put your feet up & enjoy. Yes you will always find something that was probably better done differently, but does it really matter that much. Life is too short. Guess you can tell I would now like to get it finished now ? On the up side, it is satisfying and you get what you want in the end and costs are spread out over a few years so makes it more affordable compared to shelling out a big wad of cash up front for the finished product - baring in mind that this is dependant on not changing your mind all the time ......... ? Fair play to all the plasterers - amateur & pro - didnt even bother trying and much prefer the carpentry side anyway ?


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