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  1. Large tree trunks wanted for Scouts

    Would the stickyness be a problem with SP? Not that Ive got any!
  2. Any hydraulic experts out there?

    Not much of an expert, but go for a single acting, the connections on the digger become flow and return, and the one pipe to the knocker ram is all you need. Just be aware that the digger will be pumping oil round all the time and the returning oil from the knocker will be competing for a route back to the tank, depending on pipe sizes /plumbing this may slow down the descent of the weight. If it does, then fitting a free flow return straight to the tank will sort it.
  3. Deer fencing a small area

    We have used the temporary plastic deer netting, however it was attached or next to ordinary stock netting with 2 barbed wire, but has held out for nearly the intended five years. Cant comment on how easy it is to take down and re-use (yet) We put it up on two strands of HT, poles about 6m, hog ringed to the wire and battened on corner posts. From memory it was 1.5 netting installed to 2m high
  4. Any new small charcoal retorts out there?

    Perhaps this is the answer to all these retorts getting too hot, fit flue gas recirculation and a lambda probe to run the afterburner Out of curiosity, what is the lowest temperature that will make acceptable charcoal?
  5. Any new small charcoal retorts out there?

    Genius!! Ive got the wrong boiler
  6. Spam on chrome through Arbtalk

    Its a bit random Steve, sometimes twice in a row, sometimes doesnt happen, but yes, mostly every visit. Do our computers log the web activity on a log file so we could see what is directing our browsers to open this page?
  7. Spam on chrome through Arbtalk

    Sadly just reappeared, something is directing the browser to open this page, would it be possible to track that down from event viewer or something similar? Sorry to be the bringer of disappointing news.
  8. Spam on chrome through Arbtalk

    I have cleared my cache, and no recurrence (fingers crossed) Any gen on what it was?
  9. Spam on chrome through Arbtalk

    Steve I have been getting this fairly regularly. Just looked at extensions on this m/c, it just says "Boo you have no extensions" !! I would be glad to help track this down, just let me know what to do next. Rod
  10. 26T of cordwood

    1300 divided by 26t is £50/t 1.8 cu m for £50 is £27.80 per cube, (for just the wood) (unless Im having a brain fade as well)
  11. Apple Tree

    It hasnt been pruned for fruit production recently
  12. Rats!!!!!

    Chickens digest about half of the corn thats fed to them, so rats (in some countries they feed it to cattle) can eat the chicken s88t and do very well on it. The main problem with having a few rats is that you soon have many, and the damage they do to buildings, wiring, making nests in vehicles etc can cost a fortune. We used to keep a few farmyard geese, one day a pair of rats were stealing an egg, one held it with his front legs while the other dragged him by the tail.
  13. Advice please - Yew reduction

    Or the mother in law scenario if it were windthrown? (sorry if that was in poor taste)
  14. Toughest mobile phone?

    + 1 for Otterbox, mines got an iphone 4 in it, which gives you an idea of how well its lasted, and the phone hasnt got a scratch on it.
  15. Pigeon stops tree removal

    one of Bolam's decoys?


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