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  1. Then when you give a lively answer about your travels "where ya dust bin" Then when you give an implausible answer "where ya wheely bin"
  2. The wood burned should be sustainably sourced, and within the spec of the manufacturer of the boiler. The installation would have been signed off as eligible for RHI. So it doesn't sound like they are claiming/bothered about a potential audit
  3. I came across some a couple of days ago, in a stack of bricks IMG_3811.m4v
  4. I picked some a couple of days ago, and yes, I though aniseed, but the ones collect today seem just mushroomy. Im struggling to call them Horse mushrooms because of the short, very fat stem
  5. Looking in my books, I can't find the name of this Mushroom. Here (Kent Surrey borders) I have found two quite separate groups, they smell good and look right but I want to confirm edibility. Definitely not asking anyone to confirm their edibility, just give me the name to look up if you have any ideas. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for your replies everyone, both probably over 100 yrs old and something else perhaps on the agenda, (I couldn't read the correspondence, because I didn't have my glasses) I will post if I find out more, but in the ,meantime useful reassurance for the landowner.
  7. Does it not work on the LH pair of connections, there are some other connections to the right, is one of these a free flow return?
  8. I have been shown a letter today which includes the following text.... As you may be aware damage caused by tree roots constitutes a nuisance in law and action can be taken not only to recover the costs associated with investigating and repairing damage already caused, but also to enforce vegetation management and/or recover costs and damages that may be incurred if that nuisance is not abated. i.e. steps are not taken to prevent the vegetation from continuing to cause damage to the Policyholder's property. The landowner (not me,) has been asked to remove an oak tree, which is fair enough if it is actually causing a problem, but who's liability is it? who would usually bear the cost. The above seems a bit strong considering this is the first salvo from next door, and it is indicated that "engineers will be investigating the cause of the subsidence" As an aside, if you remove a large tree, to you not get the opposite effect, i.e. heave
  9. Thanks Jon, well remembered and quite a bit missed really. Ed has the mill out now and then and is keeping himself busy. We are all good (better when the last five have lambed) hope you are too. Rod
  10. Im not really sure why it works. We all know that Pop is like a sponge, but perhaps it doesn't soak up so much water, or if it dries out so well that the green slime or lichen can't grow .. .. I just don't know, but my teak garden bench has lichen and I feel sure that treated batten from the builders merchant would be green (and have knots with resin) as you point out on a sealed timber it takes an age for any included moisture to evaporate
  11. I replaced the slats on my mothers garden bench with poplar sawn by (the late) Charlie Willment. He said at the time that I should do it with larch, but mother had insisted that it should be poplar because that is what my grandfather had told her (which would have been 40 years since at least) because it drys the fastest of all woods. I can honestly say that she was probably right, it appears dry and sittable when most other things are still damp.
  12. the only things that are certain :-- death and taxes
  13. Even better, keep a few damp logs for the beetle to lay the eggs in.... then pop it in the fire
  14. Must be old age, but I was thinking scissors
  15. Whats a wok Something you throw at a wabbit


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