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  1. I'm really gutted! Not looking forward to going back to the hitch climber, even though i used to love it, i've been using the hc on my positioning strop and zz on my main line and thought to myself i would never go back! Hope they don't take long with a solution!!
  2. Thanks for the replys but unfortunately he'd already sold it when i went over there! Oh well I'm going to keep my eye out for another one! Thanks!! Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  3. Hi Does anyone know if a front loader from a 135 will fit a 35? My neighbour bought one from a sale and if it would fit my 35, for the right price i think i might buy it
  4. i got a 550 a few weeks ago it kept cutting out and was a bitch to restart even though i was using the warm start technique. its now in for a warranty repair and i can't wait to get it back!! Even with the problems i never once got pissed off with it because when it works properly it cuts like a dream!!! Awesome saw.... hopefully!!
  5. ha ha i'd not actually thought about that but it will be fine as all but one fence lines is straight down the middle of a field! Thanks for your help and advice i really appreciate it! I'm going to order one tomorrow
  6. I'm in Treesmill near Par, the ground here is pretty much ideal the top soil is nice and loamy with clay sub soil. we have quite a lot a smallish sections of fencing to do as we are dividing most of our bigger fields up. The wrag rammer i was looking at has a 200kg hammer and is designed for compacts so reckon it should be ideal... hopefully!!!
  7. Thanks for the advice I'll probably forget the big shaver and get the wrag one as its for compacts, just hope it can do strainers as i can't be bothered with anymore tamping!!! We got a contractor to do 300m of stock netting because we needed it doing quickly and they did a really **** job, actually leaving it not stock proof due to big gaps under some of the netting and 1ft gap under one end of the gate!!! and the other day i noticed one of the strainers is now wobbling!! the cost of that fence line would have pretty much paid for a post driver and as i've got quite a bit more to do... I know i can do a better job myself i just can't be arsed driving in posts and tamping in strainers and turners! Cheers
  8. Hi Does anyone run a post driver/rammer from a massey ferguson 35? i'm looking to get one but have been getting conflicting advice!! I've been looking at shaver hd12h and have been told by the dealer it will work but the hydraulic requirements don't seem to add up! as on youtube vid it says it requires 12gpm and the mf 35 only seems to do 3.5-4.5 gpm???? Also has anyone used Wrag post drivers or Quantock post drivers on small tractors? Any advice would be very much appriciated Thanks
  9. I used it today but unfortunately it wasn't the best of jobs to try it out properly because it was taking down 4 small/medium scots pines so didn't get chance to really test it much! but i did like it and can definitely see myself getting into it. The distel was good but ended up getting covered in sap and sticking quite a lot towards the end!!! Think i might be a convert!!
  10. Going to use it tomorrow think I'm going to use the distel I'll let you know how it goes!! Will i saw on other threads people saying only use the vt when experienced with the hitch climber is that right??
  11. don't want to add even more to your wish list but a wire core flip line and a pair of spikes are very handy for take downs (especially the spikes!!)
  12. I've got Yale 13mm (the red and white one, can't remember what its called !!!) and the friction cord is teufelberger op 8mm. Can't wait to use it on Tuesday!!!
  13. Hi just bought a dmm hitch climber!! its not come with any instructions but i have done some research onlinebut was wondering what friction hitches people are using?? I was liking the look of the distel. Any info or advice??
  14. Thanks everyone although it doesn't sound too promising! Oh well i'll let him know what's been said and see what he wants to do from there. I know the feeling though especially about money as i'm in cornwall where wages are generally lower than the rest of the country. Although I've found a good tree surgeon who i climb for a couple of days a week and i try to find my own work for the rest of the time. Its not easy!! Cheers
  15. Hi I'm trying to find out which are the main companies doing powerline and general utilities or roadwork in newcastle? its for a friend of mine who wants to get into tree work but has no experience and has just booked himself on cs 30 &31 and is struggling to find someone to give him a chance or work experience. So i thought a bigger company which might also put him through more courses as well might be worth a try?? Any thoughts would be appreciated Cheers Rob


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