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  1. 2 going round our area this morning door to door:thumbdown: Asked if I wanted the Ivy trimming, No thanks, cheap Mrs, No thanks, shiny new motor, sign written, both in company uniforms both wearing climbing harness. Something not quite right, and if the phone number on the side of the motor was genuine, they had come quite a distance to tout.
  2. landylass2a


    Best kept in an aviary, the chickens will kill them.
  3. A regular enquiery on here seems to be about subsidised training, so just to let you know there is RDPE funding available for cs30/31 in Gtr Manchester/Cheshire For Farmers and Forest/arb related workers. These places are limited, but run regularly. They are heavily subsidised, but they are there for the asking and the money pot wont last for ever. They are run Through Myerscough It is a full weeks training 5 days and test usually on the saturday, first day is workshop based, rest is on the job. Hope this helps someone:thumbup1: There are also courses for B+E and other applicable course such as PA1-6 all in the link above.
  4. No, I just went to the pharmacy as it was a Sunday he gave me some tablets anti histamine and some tablets to open the airways and relax the muscles, it just started with a really tickly cough but then progressed rapidly, I didn't mean the cost of the mask as like most folk I find them horrible to work in the ones with the vent in front seem better I must say. Adding to that the pharmacist did say that your eyes are just as vulnerable to absorbing the spores if you are going to prove to be in some way allergic too something, not something I had thought of before. An episode I never wish repeating.
  5. Good points made there. Couple of months ago I had horrendous reaction too dust from Flowering Cherry not sure if it was the actual wood dust or more probable spores from the lichen on it. Started to fill up with mucus in my chest within minutes it was like I was drowning very very scary, lips burning and face tingling. Not ashamed to say it frightened me. All for sake of a few pence mask.
  6. Thought the idea of a Decoy bird was to use one from outside the catchment area, as they dont like interlopers, and you catch more this way.
  7. The fossil is the calcified skeleton of the sea urchin the Flint inside is quartz. Nice find:thumbup1:
  8. landylass2a

    HMRC= Joke

    Always ask for, and re quote a name and ref;
  9. landylass2a

    HMRC= Joke

    Half the time that is Exactly what you get! not unpaid, granted, but someone who isnt trained, who is working from a set script and only has a short term contract they know will end in 3 months, if you need a definate answer ask for their line manager, as thats how far up you need to go to get someone who isnt a temp.
  10. There is a place called Millcroft tea gardens in Norden, part of Rochdale MBC there is already some fine Monkey Puzzles up there the area would lend it's self beautifully to more, it is close to 3 owls bird sanctuary, closed for the moment, but would be worth speaking to it's trustees(I have no connection or personal interest) I hope he acheives his aim.
  11. Tis a female perrogative to have the last word:001_tt2:
  12. You can find them a lot cheaper if you shop around, but still££ would love one too though:biggrin:
  13. Me too excellent, batteries supplied with it far outlast any others too:thumbup1:


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