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  1. Jarbman

    North Somerset

    it was Glendale i believe. but then again i've been in NZ for nearly three years so it could well have changed!!!
  2. give fountain timber a ring. i used to live in that area and that was one of our dump sites.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up for me!
  4. new zealand has something called ACC, which covers you. im sure one of the NZ guys on here will know more about this, my manager at asplundh explained it to me, and im still unsure exactly how it works. but i know im safe to work over here.
  5. Jarbman

    New Axe

    Sorry if this has already been posted. but thoughts? Inventor Heikki Karna redesigns the axe | Mail Online
  6. if you want to work christchurch and auckland are your best bets. asplundh are short staffed up in auckland, they may also be short in dunedin. and christchurch has tree tech.
  7. with the right timber one would be able too "Spruce" it up a bit...
  8. last one i did cat made a leap of faith, from the top. broke its back legs and pelvis. owner nursed it back to health only for it to run up the same tree again within a week of being alowed out!
  9. Jarbman


    my pair of haix protector pro were very good. i wore them for about 6 months before i left for nz in november. i was very happy with them not too hot but plenty of support when climbing. especially on spikes.
  10. Having recently visited there, I'm really wanting to go back! its beautiful. anyone know of any work in that area? I'm based in auckland at the moment but would move down there in a heartbeat!
  11. its much harder to get a working holiday visa for canada, they only issue 3500 a year for the uk and you have to register beforehand. which took me all of 24 hours! hence why im leaving in 7 days!
  12. i would have taken that in a heartbeat! i started on less than that with tickets! and i have my own PPE etc! not at all unreasonable. some people eh!
  13. Strong work silky! it just infuriates me when i see cyclists with big headphones on, especially on the road and with no helmet. no harm meant!


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