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  1. Owen Green


    Takes an age to split it small enough to get in the tank.
  2. Owen Green

    Emergency phone call.

    Bigshot the cat straight out with the throwbag?
  3. Owen Green

    emergency contact numbers

    Mine is a galaxy s6, it works through the same feature that allows you to call emergency numbers with the phone locked, just add your ICE contacts to the emergency numbers list!
  4. Owen Green

    emergency contact numbers

    My android phone let's you call the ice contacts without needing to unlock the phone.
  5. Owen Green

    The D.I.Y arb truck chip body thread

    Here's my effort made of galvanised sheet and angle section.
  6. Owen Green

    Looking for.

    Hi tdc my mate has a anti aircraft gun for that mate thanks Owen :thumbup:
  7. Owen Green

    Whats on your harness ?

    That's ridiculous John, no cigar?
  8. Owen Green

    Looking for.

    Hi egg mate thanks mate see what your mate says mate thanks Owen
  9. Owen Green

    Looking for.

    Egg what will it lift mate my mate says the mog will lift 8 tonnes.
  10. Owen Green

    Looking for.

    Hi eggs mate will it fit on a mog mate cheers 👍👍👍
  11. Owen Green

    Fings wot broke

    Apparently it did!
  12. Owen Green

    Fings wot broke

    Chipper vs Arb trolley pin.
  13. Owen Green

    Bizarre mis-hap

    Did that with a dead conifer twig, pulling branches toward the chipper and rammed it up my nose. Took ages to stop bleeding!
  14. Owen Green

    Chip/logs tip site Ipswich

    I'm happy to offer some wood or some beer tokens if anybody will take it?
  15. Owen Green

    Chip/logs tip site Ipswich

    Hi, as above, I'm looking for somewhere to take a couple of loads of chip in Ipswich this Saturday. Any takers? Thanks Owen


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