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  1. Ian C please do not misunderstand Im glad its worked out for you and as previously stated im sure there are some good Forst chippers out there otherwise the company wouldnt still be trading. I just feel mine was a Friday machine thats rattling itself to peices. Several times now it would seem comonents were not done up correctly. I have also noticed yesterday that the exhaust where it joins the manifold has only two bolts holding it oneven though theres 4 holes so not sure if never fitted or if they have rattled out. My point is if i had of purchased an old chipper with 1000 hours then yes problems may occur from time to time. However on purchasing a brand new machine for the first time i feel let down with the amount of problems that have occurred. Please keep in mind it has only done 156 hours in 18 months!
  2. I have been dealing directly with the Managing Director as i was getting nowhere with staff, however the MD is now coming up with excuses amd fobbing me off! Dont get me wrong im sure there are some good Forst chippers out there. However mine has been anything but a pleasure to own and i feel that there are some critcal design issues that are being ignored and im being told tough basically. The point im also making is that its meant to be super reliable but yet evryone has had problems even yourself which is ironic considering the company slogan! Lets be honest are you seeing people bitch and moan about the Timberwolf 230 on here? One person has due to a couple of paint splits and a couple of body panels with tiny cracks and Timberwolf were all over it the next day picking up the machine and providing the highest level of customer service to go above and beyond. This is just my observations of the situation and my experience that i have been through.
  3. I did not start this to be some sort of slagging off contest, i was purely seek advice as to how i can move forwards as i feel like im sinking and do not know how to move forawrd as this has had a huge affect on my business and day to day running. I did not expect the uproar that this thread has caused and I had hoped that perhaps Forst/Redwood would of made an appearance in response to this thread as i thought that they had representation for themselves on here! As previously stated Timberwolf are on here to aid any issues that may arrise from time to time.
  4. Evening all, thank you for all your support and advice. I did indeed purchase the chipper through a finance agreement, and have always made my payments as the last thing I want is to get myself in trouble. I have spent the last 18 months giving Redwood oportunties to do the right thing and provide me with a reliable product that can earn me money! On countless times I have been more then fair and even said yes it's a great chipper.......... When it works however it's unreliable and unpredictable and at the end of the day it needs to be out everyday earning me money. It's nothing personal but this is a business agreement and thus far your quids up as the finance company has paid you and I'm suffering paying for something that is not performing! I have in fact called my finance company and explained to them the situation that I am struggling to make payment and have been getting myself further into a financial stuggle because of this chipper and that I would be cancelling my direct debit with them unless the situation was resolved. They have been extremely understanding and helpful and completely sympathetic towards my situation and are now endeavouring to resolve this for me as they do not want me to suffer any longer. The bank are paying for a independent inspection to be carried out on the chipper to assess that it's unfit for purpose. Hopefully this will be resolved by them but it looks like it may be a long road yet, in the meantime I will just plough on and hope I do not loose my business because of this chipper that has caused me a lot of stress and I'll health!
  5. The chipper was purchased directly from Forst (Redwood) and I have always dealt directly with them. I have evidence of quite a few others who have purchased Forst chippers and that have been dissatisfied with its break downs and the service received. Its amazing how quickly and how high other manufactures jump at any negative feedback or issues that occure but maybe Forst arent bothered?
  6. Unfortunately the supplier isn't offering me these options, I have emailed them once again this morning and now they have said that if I want my chipper "fixed" I need to take it to them!
  7. The chipper has only done 156 hours which lets face it in 18 months is very low hours. Part of the reason for the low hours has been due to its inability to be reliable and breaking down which has forced me to hire a chipper on occasions when it has been down or back with Forst. I have consistently told them that I do not want the chipper and that I want either a replacement machine or a full refund. Both of which I have been refused on several occasions. I just feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall especially when I get excuses from them which don't even add up.
  8. Problem with selling it is that I'm going to loose a lot of money without even accounting for all the down time where I have lost money and jobs because of it being unreliable! I feel that I have given the manufacture/seller plenty of opportunities to admit fault and try and rectify it. I also feel there is a major design issue with the chipper jamming as sure otherwise there's no point in having a no stress system?
  9. Evening all, I'm looking for some advice, I have owned my Forst ST6 since May 2014 and experienced no end of problems mainly with its reliability or lack of. It initially failed me on day one within 20 minutes of use where the top feed roller shifted and hit the side casing causing it to become inoperable. A fitter came out and then took it back to the factory to go over the entire machine. Since this it has been back to the factory a further two occasions and has had fitters out on several occasions for other issues. Which included it not starting on a regular basis and then starting and dieing immediately and then starting, running for a while and then dieing mid operation. The top feed roller becomes jammed open, there are cracks in the metal on both sides of the chute, the paint job has been peeling left right and centre, grease pipes that pop off even though I have greased it exactly to the requirements specified by Forst themselves. The air filter has fallen off twice now, the top feed roller shifted again around a month ago and the ignitin barrel has fallen out. However my biggest irritation is when chipping a 5-6" bit of wood and it gets towards the end and jams between the back of the feed rollers and front of the flywheel causing the chipper to stall! This is the short story and I'm happy to go into detail with anyone who would like to discuss this and I may have missed a few problems that have occurred. I'm just a bit fed up now of constant unreliability and looking for some advice. What would you guys do? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, Is this still available? Thanks Will
  11. We are currently looking for a trainee/apprentice arborist for a part/full time position must be hardworking and a highly motivated team player to join our team, we will offer excellent career prospects to work up the ladder in our rapidly expanding company. Job role will cover all aspects of Tree Surgery, Fencing & Firewood Production. The ideal candidate will have NPTC qualifications Cs30/31/38 if your interested in applying please ring our office on 01825 371055 or call Will on 07772 969890 Sussex & Surrey Garden Services
  12. Do you have a contact number? Will pm you.
  13. Thanks for all the replies, we now have all the poles in the ground ready to start building the barn over the weekend.
  14. Some Polish chaps to build it wouldn't be a bad idea with the current workload! Thanks for the advice.


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