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  1. ERM basically but I don't think they need climbing as they are small to be honest
  2. Hi anyone around lincoln who can help me with a price Two trees- Two properties 10 mins apart Property 1 has a Cherry with easy access etc in rear garden brash easy to move due to access Property 2 has a conifer height of 2 storie house thin in diameter and easy access again, situated behind garage What I need a price for a chipper hire and possibly someone with cs31 to do the job and me put my bit on (as you do) If price is accepted I will require to put to client and get back to successful price Need help asap Thanks all
  3. Hi all, Long story short I have a job to price up and I need an operator and tractor with hedge flail. Its about 9-10 ft high in places and is a mixture of species Its about 100 yards by 120yards both sides need doing its a domestic job for a house but mess isn't an issue.. Anyone got the kit ? And if so how much for someone for a few hours with the kit? Its in the outskirts of Gainsborough and Lincoln. Its more cost effective for all with tractor and kit rather than and cutting. Cheers, jamie
  4. Hi yes it is thank you any ideas of the number ? And lotto numbers would be good as already said
  5. Hi all, can anybody help me find the starter coil for a pro 42cccsa saw? I realise its a b&q make but they don't appear to stock it though neither the saw even online Thanks again
  6. Hi all, I'm a self employed groundworker looking for work in around lincolnshire / yorkshire Anywork, brash dragging, chipping etc Got all my own PPE / transport References avaliable Hard working Cs30 working on cs31 Level 2 diploma forestry and arb Level 3 extended diploma in forestry and arb Emergency first aid at work Manual handling certificate Will work day or nights Pm me or can text me on 07715 280747 if you can make use of me anytime of day / night
  7. cartman


    Hi thanks its just finding things if you know what I mean I've been trading since sept so not long Your comment is valued
  8. cartman


    Hi there, Preferably arb at the minute but forestry Considered Thanks james
  9. cartman


    Hi all, Just wondering what's the Best way of finding contracts as I haven't a clue where to start. Any Help appreciated
  10. Hi thanks I shall deffinetly have a play and let you know my thoughts in a few days time looks good from the off set though
  11. Hi all, Happy Christmas Just wondering what you all use for keeping all your finances in order I did have sage but didn't want to pay So I now use excel but I have a tablet now would like a cloud based piece of software I can use on the move etc. Any ideas appreciated
  12. That sounds about right for the council to be fair
  13. That response made me laugh thanks for the advice keep a reasonable price that covers my costs etc
  14. oh dear, i must admit i was shocked to hear a yes from the council today after the police officer saying at the time we couldnt be paid (probably because lincoln police cant authorise payments) i'd say next time ask the officer and if its a yes get all the police details collar number name time date and call your council explain and see if they will allow you to invoice just as my county council did
  15. hi all, seems to be getting a response so whats the verdict 200 and the rate on top or what i think is sensible but still can get ?


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