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  1. Thanks for your replies guys.. Does anyone run a big stroke head on hardwoods? Am I right in thinking stroke heads would be better than roller heads on hardwoods?
  2. Anyone use a stroke processor head, afm or fms 400 - 575 or similar, thinking of using one in hardwoods mainly. Base machine would be jcb 10 tonne or 13 tonne. Any any experience of this... Timber to go through is mainly oak and ash in under managed woods 12-14 bdh. Thanks
  3. I'm looking for a band mill for personal use and semi commercial. I currently use an old norwood 2000 super band mill (bed is now knackered and on its last legs). I'm looking to get hydraulics lifters, turner's etc on a new mill. The larger norwood hd36 and logosol 1001 look good, question is which is the one get, or is there a better alternative. Woodland Mills look to flimsy and the woodmisers to expensive. Budget £10-15,000. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Big j it's not to bad the second time round, the first application I did took me most of an afternoon to sort out (online) then the second online one I did about an hour. Still feel that the paper version is better. Try the 'quick online felling application guide' to help... The full length help guide will just fry your brain. Cheers, Ian
  5. I've been managing woods for several years now but have recently taken on some more woodland, I've only ever used forestry winches, tractors and botex forestry trailers. I know its access/ tree/ tree size and site dependent and a bit like asking how long is a piece of string but.. On on a slight slope harvesting larch/ Douglas fir and or young straight hardwood such as Ash what are the costs for getting a harvester in and separate cost to forward say 200 meters. Thanks in advance, pm if you like
  6. Just asking to see if anyone knows if there is a market for Holly. I'm thinning out a woodland with Holly understorey and while I am trying to reduce damage when extracting timber, there are large amounts which gets removed to get to the timber. Is there anything else apart from selling it at carboots or to people that make reefs at Christmas???
  7. OK thanks Tim, seems reasonable
  8. I have been part time selling logs/ Forestry contracting and have now gone full time after being made redundant from my 'normal office job'. Im early 30's don't drink (have a young family) and will be on the forestry full time. Any ideas what I should be paying for around 12-15k worth of cover to be paid out per year if I had an accident? Thanks Ian
  9. Thanks all I will talk to Tommy at honey bros. Is there anything similar in the UK, I found the thick jumpers great when felling in the winter and are pretty shower proof too.
  10. Can anyone help, I picked up a arborwear sweatshirt at the apf a couple years ago, and am now looking to replace however arborwear uk never have the colour or size available. Where can I source one? Any other retailers? Cheers Ian
  11. How about the botex 560 crane? Lifts 2.7 tonne close in!
  12. To frets1 and Cae Ffnnon, -The trailer crane doesn't have stabiliser legs, it mounts to the trailer chassis. -The crane was initally built to unload/ load bulk bags, 0.8 cubic meter bags which it will lift easily even able the trailer sides. -The max gross weight of the trailer is 3.5 tonne. -It doesn't tip to the side, just to the rear, the crane is de-mountable, however it is possible to tip with the crane attached. - The trailer is around 4/5 years old, still in excellent condition. - Yes the logsplitter is included in the price. Please message me if your interested and I will get some pictures sent. Cheers
  13. Selling my ifor 10ft (tipping) trailer + crane attachment for use with bags etc if anyones in the market for one, posted on arbtrader. Cheers Ian
  14. hawk eye


    Another 50 available for sale now!!!!
  15. hawk eye


    Hope it's ok to advertise here, if not please remove. I've got a lorry load of approx 50 IBC's for sale. 50/50 wooden/ steel pallet bases. No plastics in any All in good stackable condition, some do have minor cosmetic damage i.e. odd broken slat in wooden pallet etc. Viewing welcome, buyer to arrange own haulage. Looking for £10 each All must be bought together please. Message me for further info Thanks Ian
  16. Hi, Hope I'm allowed to post a link to arbtrader on the firewood forum Selling my log delivery truck. Still runs sweet as a nut. Would be a good truck for someone looking to enter the firewood game, just reduced from £3250 to £2750. Just bought a new truck so must go. Tipping Isuzu TF Pick-up (Price Reduction) ArbTrader Arborists Classifieds Thanks Ian
  17. I'm in a similar position now, got a 2.5 tonne JCB 802 which has been a super bit of kit and never let me down, currently got a standard fixed grab on her. Looking to upgrade in the next year or two. The new 8 tonne JCB 86-c personally looks a top contender mainly due to dealer support in the area and good back up. Eddie how do you think the new 8 tonne JCB 86-c would compare to the Kubota of yours, I saw in the online brochure that JCB also offer a knuckle boom version too. Ian
  18. Has anyone considered the following, I know they have provided the arborculture course, via abc learning. Are there any other similar courses out there for distance learning? Cheers Ian
  19. I have a forestry trailer in arbtrader if anyone is looking for one would be perfect for 4x4 or small tractor. Ian
  20. I've got some large (13-30inch diameter) oak cord in yard priced at £40 a tonne (priced to sell quick) nice and straight woodland grown. Email i.hempshall@hotmail.co.uk for details and pic's if interested. Based in Gloucestershire, buyer to arrange own haulage preferably.
  21. Emails replied to and photo's sent
  22. 25 tonne load of Oak butts/ trunks available 15-30 inch, all woodland grown nice and straight. More loads coming in from the woods over the next few weeks, all felled over 15 months ago. Buyer to arrange haulage, good access for an artic stored in a secure yard, based near the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire £40 tonne + vat Pictures available please email i.hempshall@hotmail.co.uk Viewing Welcome
  23. LGP EDDIE - Thats a great set up you have there Ive got a 2.5 tonne jcb with fixed grab which works well and am considering upscaling to a larger machine with rotating grab, however from looking at the weight of a rotating grab of around 500-700kg on a 8 tonne machine it doesnt give you much capability to lift larger pieces of wood at full reach when attached does it:confused1:


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